Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Foolish things women did for love

It is fun being older and wiser. So much fun to watch how women will foolishly allow themselves to be the pawns and scapegoats by men. How they think they are honorable in defending the man whom they think is their only love.

It is total evilness to sit silently and watch these women bitch fight, mud sling and calling each other names in the name of love. is even more fun when the so called heroic men of theirs turned out to be jerks and they are left standing there like a couple of fools.

If you are a man and you wish to find people to fight your cause, just sweet talk some bitch and you have yourself a devoted, die die oso will protect and defend you spokeperson.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AapkaVideo - Bollywood Videos

Do you enjoy Bollywood music and movies? I do. I like the colours, the drama, the upbeat tunes and also the very handsome hunks. Bollywood men are probably one of the most handsome men around, in the same group like Latin American men.

Bollywood videos can now be easily accessible from Aapka Video just like how Youtube provide the entertainment. You just need to sign up for an account and you can search for videos you enjoy and embed them to your site. These are all for free, how nice. Videos of interest include user generated content, cricket, bollywood, music videos, places of interest and more.

Now, they even have a promotion which include a free iPod for most popular videos uploaded every month. The other newer enhancements include mobile support for their members. So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy your Bollywood videos now.



Hmmm...these few days, I have been very anti-social. I either don't log on to my MSN or hide behind the shield. I am not sure why but it seems to be so tiring to carry on a MSN conversation.

I have a million things to do but never find the mood to jumpstart it. I think I need a holiday break again. But how to go when the kids have so many things and we cannot tear away from home?

So, if you buzz me and I didn't reply, it means I am on anti-social mode until further notice. Ta ta.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Picture perfect homes

So many new real estates are popping up. Each one tries to out do the other by making their models so alluring. The photos they use are almost heavenly. But for me, I prefer to buy homes that are already built. No doubt the price is usually more expensive, it is safer.

Take a look at this ellijay real estate website. They have a list of all the picture perfect homes and all you need to do is to find what your ideal home is and locate it. Now, isn't that a breeze?

IBM Memory Store

My old PC was extremely slow and finally, we have no choice but to get ourselves a new desktop recently. I was told that the machine is too old for any memory upgrade because that PC is over five years old.

However, if your PC is fairly new and you wish to increase the memory, you may want to learn something from this website. IBM memory is where you can find out how to upgrade your PC. You just need to choose your model and they will do the rest for you. Give it a try if you wish to improve your PC performance.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

In every one of us women, we have that hidden vanity. We want to look our best. Do you notice that in expensive hotels and high class boutiques, we somehow looks prettier? Do you know why? Because of the good quality mirror they use, that's why.

I found that a good mirror and nice lighting makes all the difference to our appearance. This is especially important when we are putting on makeup. I make it a point to have my makeup done at the same place, where I have my makeup mirror. Makeup Mirrors are those important gadgets that we women should own. Invest in a good one so that you have a better tone when putting on your makeup. You don't want to end up with smudges, do you?

How to become a reseller?

My webhost is a reseller. I am getting my personal blog hosting from him. In fact, I have used is service for two years already. However, I do not know how he operates. I normally leave all the chores to him and as long as my site is up and running, I am fine with it.

However, after a while, I do get curious if I can one day be a reseller like him. So, I did a little googling to find out how reseller program works. Woot! I didn't know that it is so cheap to get a reseller plan! Now, it got me interested. Since I have so many blogs, wouldn't it makes sense for me to be my own boss? And if you are somewhat enteprising, you can make a lot of money from reseller programs as well. To find out how, check this website for their reseller program. So, why not get yourself a few more sites? If you are curious to know what is good niche, you can learn it from their site as well.

So, are you ready to be a reseller? Not sure? Well, they have made it easy for you to resell. Just hop over and take a look.


It is already almost 2 am. My little baby is sleeping so soundly besides me. I guess he is so used to listen to the tapping sounds I made on my laptop. Litle one knows that I am working and earning a living. Well, he is so used to study the little $$ and ask me if it is a lot of money.

There are so many more things to do. Datelines to meet. Things to tidy up. Projects to complete. How I wish I can just switch off everything and go to bed now? But I suppose things won't fall so easily on my lap if I don't push forward.

So, here I am, lonely and tired.

Counting the pennies with a coin sorter

I was looking at this gadget which is called a coin sorter. I certainly would want a coin sorter at home because of the huge amount of coins we amassed. I hate carrying those heavy change and normally chucked them into a jar.

However they will soon pile up and the only solution is to take them to the bank. However, banks are very pleased when they see us bringing those jars of coins because it means a lot of work for them. So, now, if I have on at home, it means I can exchange those coins with the smaller vendors. I no longer have to count them and dirty my hands. Now, isn't that such a good gadget to own?


Have you ever have times when you are afraid of asking questions because you do not want to be laughed at? So, you sat there and wonder and wonder what it is. I saw the above several times and try to decode it. I thought it is some letterings, very much like those words we made using our calculator.

So, silly me, try to turn my head over to see if I can see any words from there. Which I can't figure out because the numbers changed. Then, I thought it probably is some emoticons which did not show up on my PC because I do not have it.

After a few times, I muster enough courage and ask shyly. What is this - tl155lc5. And true enough, I got laughed at. "What! You don't know? For several days already, you don't know and yet you didn't ask?"

Yeah, I love this kind of conversation. It is not often I get to talk to someone at this wavelength. tlimuvm. :P

Friday, May 25, 2007

PayPerPost new feature - PayPerPostDirect

By now, the blogsphere will be buzzing with PayPerPost new feature which is called PPP Direct. PPP has been helping advertisers to find excellent bloggers to review their products and services at the marketplace through blog marketing . Now. they have a new feature which enable potential advertisers to go direct to the bloggers.

What is great about this is we, the bloggers get a massive amount. We are free to quote our price and put it on the sidebar. If an advertiser likes our blog and wish us to write a review for their company, all they need is to fill in the form which is available once they click the button on the sidebar.

Well, after reading and understanding how it works, I must say that this is thoroughly different from most other pay to post companies. You see, PPP allows us to take the big portion of the fee and they only charge a minimal 10%, of which 5% goes to PayPal or credit card charges.

This means, we get to pocket the income without having middleman to take a 50% cut. Now, does this make you go...WOW? Then, read this post on PPP Direct , watch the overview video and see it live on Andy 's blog.

How often do you meet someone born on the same day as you?

Not very often, right? Well, coincidentally, my deceased son, Vincent has the same birthday as the doctor who treated him. Doc C once said to me, "We are fated to meet." Doc C is very fond of my son and I am glad that until today, Doc C is still my other children's doc. He is also my bro-in-Christ as it was him who showed me the real meaning of being a Christian. God bless him. Until now, four years after my son's passing, I can still call it a day of celebration. My son never get to even celebrate his first birthday. But I can now celebrate Doc C's birthday, so that I can remember my own son.

That's not the end of the coincident. My reader happens to have the same birthday as me. We are many years apart. But then, somehow, we have all the chemicals to make fizzy drinks. No sizzle, only fizzle. Well, will I one day celebrate my birthday with people who are born on the same date as me? We shall see...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

I have often wondered why some people can get as obese as they are. Is it due to their hormones? Or is there something medically that cause it? Aren't there intervention which can help them?

Recently, due to all these questions in my mind, I had been finding out more about obesity. When I attend my teenage sons' school cross country event, I cringed when I see how some of the teenagers are overly obese and not able to even walk with ease.

Lap Band Surgery is one of the method that are being used in the United States and other parts of the world to help with obesity. As the name indicate, it is a small and minimal invasive surgery which is an alternative to stomach stapling. I urge all of you to read more and understand how it is carried out.

Hopefully, this method using the UCSD Medical Center's LAP-BAND® Program for Obesity can help. UCSD's integrated program offers patients an outpatient surgical solution for long-term weight loss. And may we as a community help in reducing obesity which is not only health threatening but also a big dent to the children and adult's self-esteem.

Girl power at American Idol Season 7

Last year, it was Taylor Hicks. The purple barney with white hair.

This year, it is Jordin. Frankly, I can never connect with her. I am not sure why but she failed to captured my heart like Melinda. She is a good singer, no doubt. But I just can't be captured by her.

Oh well, I think the only entertaining part about American Idol is earlier auditioning part. That was the most comical one and until next year.....


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A loan with ethics

Do you know that certain religious groups will not accept financial help from those who gain their profits from gambling? It is sinful money to them. Meanwhile, there are also individuals who will only borrow from sources whom agree with their ethics.

This is where this Co-operative bank plays its role. They have an ethical policy whereby they keep strict standard. You may read about their cultural, heritage and values on the page provided.

Therefore, if you are a resident of United Kingdom (UK) and wish to get loans from only sources you believe in, then, head over to Co-op. Their mission - A of Co-op's financial products are bound to their ethical policy, so customers can rest assured that the money they borrow has not come from the profits of unnecessary pollution, human rights abuses.

Now, if you are interested, please hop over.


The weirdest post due to Blogger auto-save

Recently, Blogger has made their blogspot auto-save at intervals. A great thing to save all those long winded posts we typed.

However, a while back, I typed in a word and accidentally published it. It is just one subliminal word as the title. Nothing in the blogspot. I didn't notice the post until I receive a comment. A comment to a wordless post? That's way weird. So, I deleted it.

So, to whoever commented, sorry about that ya! I have hundreds of posts and you have to insult me with a wordless post. Doh! I know spam robots don't read English. But never mind, I can still make a post out of a wordless post.

The meaning of subliminal

It is a nice word. Sub-li-mi-nal. Not very easy to pronounce, isn't it? It is something like subtle. And it means :

Below the threshold of conscious perception

as defined by WordWeb.

As a woman, I do know a lot about subliminal and subtle. What about reading body languages? All these are things that we have the knack for. Well, not everyone has it but most do.

Do you know that there is also a genre of music call subliminal music? I strongly suggest you to take a look at the subliminal CDs available on this site. They claim that these can help us to overcome many things like weight problems, esteem, stress and many more.

Now, wouldn't that be great to plug on to the music, shut the world out and just immerse in them? I know I need some right now. My head is pounding, my body is tired and all I want is to do nothing, hear nothing and see nothing. Just let me escape into a quite world with nothing but subliminal music. That will be wonderful. So, excuse me while I surf further and see what I can get from them. They provides free international shipping and for that price, I think I want to get several topics including Be Assertive. Great, I can even download for only USD16.95. *roar* I am going to be so assertive from now on. No more doormat for me.

*this post is brought to you by subliminal CD*

Chicken soup junkie

I went to the bookshop just now and had a nice time browsing through the books. I notice many new series of Chicken Soup for the (extra extra) Souls. I used to love the Chicken Soup series. I had many, like for the moms, the women, the Christian women, the teenagers, survivals and even for the nurses.

Those are the books that help me to have a better understanding of what being a Christian is. It is not to memorise all the verses and chapters of the Bible but rather to fall back on God when life becomes too tough.

I must say that these Chicken Soup series were what introduced me to Christ and I am glad that I did it that way. I wouldn't want to have it any other way, i.e. being evangelize by over passionate Christians. Hehehe, let me take the path I want, with only Jesus. Thank you, very much.

Drug rehab therapy for the broken souls

Life is never fair. It has so many downs more than ups. Sometimes, we may have great friends and loving family to keep us out of the troubles. Sometimes, we are left all alone to battle out the demons in us.

At other times, we lost the battle and turn to drugs. I believe most of those who became dependant on drugs are not their own desire but forced to an edge and involved in it against their wills. Surely no one wants to be an addict?

It must be much easier to get addicted to drugs, alchohol and other negative behaviours than to actually get out of it. It takes a lot of patience and support from family and friends to help a person overcome it. We know how tough it is for a person to go through drug rehab.

If you are helping a friend and wishing to find a drug rehab for a loved one, check out Cliffside Malibu which is a residential drug rehab, alcohol rehab center and extended care facility for adults suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and other co-occurring disorders.

I hope with a lot of love and understanding, none of us have to turn to any sort of addiction or destructive behaviours. It is important to find someone understanding to talk and also good for us to learn to be a better listener, isn't it?

*This is a SponsoredReview*

Eating therapy

What do you do when life gets a little boring?

Or when the esteem is a little dented?

How about feeling insignificant?

Or have some wishes that cannot be fulfilled?

Eat! That's right. I don't have anything that needs buying so no retail therapy for me. What I did was to head out to the coffee and cake joints and order myself a sinfully rich cake and a hot cuppa.

Read some mags and now, I feel a lot better and greater too. It is nice how money can solve all these little needs. Of course, just a cake and coffee is not enough. I must buy some kick-ass expensive Japanese foods to make me happy. It is not the food, it is the money factor. Why buy local when there are super expensive Japanese stuffs?

CIS Motor Insurance

I also get confused with the term No Claim Discount and am not very sure how it works until someone explain the percentage to me. I have *perfect* driving record and hence, never make any insurance claims. *TOUCH WOOD!* So, I enjoy good premium than my husband where car insurance is concerned.

However, we are going to need to buy a car for my son and it has to be a comprehensive insurance that covers every single thing. You know how teenage drivers are. So, if you are also on the lookout for motor insurance, then, do check out this company which offers a 10% discount if you purchase your motor insurance online.

CIS Motor Insurance is not expensive, easy to purchase and the claims are hassle-free as possible. They are offering two different discounts - a No Claim Discount and an Introductory Discount.

I am beginning to hate Tuesday

In April, PPP ran this 1K Tuesday and I still have a chance of winning some big moolah like USD1K, USD500 and USD100K.

However, this month, they are announcing a different kind of big money Tuesday. They are giving away lots of prizes like PS3, TV and etc. But these are limited to only US residents. Ouch, so unfair. I want to take part too. Never that I cannot get the prize. I can give it away to my favourite posties, can't it? It is the thrill of grabbing them. Hear me, PPP. Let's open it to all posties!

Smile Credit Card

One look at their site and I am in love already. The pink colour and the smiling face makes me smile. Well, it certainly is a nice name for a credit card.

According to their site, Smile's credit card has been voted 'best credit card' four years at the Guardian Consumer Finance Awards 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Now, that's a very good track record and I believe they must have very strong foundation to earn that.

If you are looking for a credit card, then, you should head over to Smile website to find out what they have to offer. They have two types of card, i.e. the classic card and the gold card. They have listed down the percentage and other goodies like cashback.


The hospital A&E - an interesting place to hangout

Sometimes, I think I should have been a reporter because of my inquisitive nature. I like to know about the how, why, when, whom, when and which. Maybe you can call this busybody. But it is nice to write out a storyline based on what I hear and see.

Never mind, I am a blogger and hence, can become the self elect reporter. There was this old man who needs some medical attention. Along with him came two car load of relatives whom are not only loud, they are trying to be smart. The whole A&E was filled with their voices, their phones and their smart theories. It can be very annoying when the whole bunch throw their medical advices around. Well, not medical but mumbo jumbo beliefs.

If I am there because of some traumatic event, I think I will stand up and scream at them to shut the fark up because they are sooo noisy. But since, I was there for nothing major, I just sit back and enjoy the scene.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What are the side effects of Lasik?

This has been a question that has been bugging me and also the reason why I never take the big step to get rid of my spectacle and contact lenses.

I am so afraid of getting complications and this site has now confirmed my fears. No doubt that they say the percentage of people who gets complications after lasik is very small, but it does spell many people if we count the millions who underwent the surgery.

Lasik Complications are listed on the site and they are provided by all those who experience problems. Why not take a look and learn more? It is always good to be more knowledgeable. This site is a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy and written in easy to understand language.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Sail away

My dear hubby and kids get seasick easily. The other day when we took that boat ride to Langkawi, all of them vomitted. Doh, can you imagine dealing with three vomitting kids and a husband who musn't move from his seat (to help me) in case he too vomits?

That's the same thing with flying too.

So, when I look at this little boat wobbling in the waves, I really wish to just hop on it and go off on my own. I love the open seas and especially when the water splashes on my face. Hmmm...who wants to sail away with me?

Does credit cards spell doom?

If you ask the conservative people, they will tell you that it is. If you ask the people who wants to move the country's economy, they will tell you it is actually a way to keep the country afloat. What if there are no credit cards and no one spends? It spells the death of all the shopping malls, holidays and tour companies, online companies and etc.

So, I would say that we do need credit cards. But of course, one has to have some discipline and be discerning consumers, checking out the credit card offers and make the right choice. If you are new to this, then, I suggest you read the useful articles on credit cards on this informative site.

I find those articles on managing money, how to avoid debt and how to spend wisely rather useful for those who are just starting out. As for me, the best is to keep only one card and make sure that we pay all the amount due at the end of the month without accumulating any outstanding amount.


Monster-in-law guide

If you want to be a monster-in-law, here are some things you can do. This is for the male's side monster-in-law:

1) Ask your son-in-law how much money he makes;

2) Ask your daugther how many times she has sex (to check the virility of your son-in-law)

3) Get his underwears and wash and iron it, then, nag him about his tattered underwears.

4) Ask him often if your daughter is pregnant, and if not, give killer stares to his groin area.

5) Boil ginseng for him, buy it at his expenses, of course. And while he is drinking it, tell him it is mean to produce grandsons.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now because my mom is such a good mother-in-law to my husband. But if you ask me about my version of monster-in-law, I think I can list 100.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pet Insurance

All pet lovers must have been shocked with the recent news about poisons leaking into pet foods. If I have a pet, I would be very concerned too. Pets are so much part of our life and hence, it is only right we take care of their well-being.

So, are your pets insured? Don't you think that it is wise to do so because they do get sick and needed vet's attention. This can be very expensive. So, folks do give a thought about getting pet insurance. Let me show you the statistics and I am very sure it will change your mind.

In 2006 alone, PetCare Pet Insurance paid out over $16,800,000 in North America for covered accidents and illnesses to pet owners.

Common conditions/claims paid:
Cancer Treatments: $5,500
Hip Dysplasia: $6,000
Fracture: $3,000
Foreign Body Ingestion: $3,500
Viral Infection: $3,000
Eye Problems: $3,000
Gastro Intestinal Problems: $3,000

Hope that is helpful for you to decide about getting pet insurance.

What' price a sorry?

I glanced at the paper for tomorrow (an early edition printed this evening) and am very disgusted with the whole issue. You see, in the parliament, a male MP has made a snide remarks that all women leak. The woman MP had tabled the issue of leaking buildings and this male MCP, I mean MP had joked about the women leaking, aka having her period.

The issues was blown rather big and now, all the female politicians, irrespecitive of their political parties have come together to demand an apology from the apeman. Well, the thing is he apeman apologised for the whole issue but not exactly to the woman MP that he intended the remarks.

I can bet with you that in a few weeks, someone is going to do some goofy thing like this again. There is no value about the sorry because they don't mean it. I can tell you that.


Have you ever feel tired before you even make a trip? You know, you practically had to hunt for the right place, at the right budget and after going around in circles, you found that the schedule doesn't suit you. Then, when you have found the perfect timing, the budget is overboard.

So, what this site has done is to come up with a marvellous idea of streamlining all the searches into one. What you need to do is to specify where you want to go and let them do it. Did I tell you it is free? I mean the planning part. Therefor, bookmark TripWiser - social trip planner for the USA and Canada and soon, you will find that planning a trip is a breeze. You will be getting real travel trips from real tourists themselves. It is like a social community and hence, you know that you can expect what you are being told. Now, isn't that much nicer than scouring glossy travel brochures?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Medical care at home

The other day, there was this heart wrenching story on the local papers about this old man whose wife has a stroke. She is unable to sit and only can lie in sleeping position. She no longer can eat and hence, need a feeding tube. However, the old man has problem getting a nurse to change her feeding tube and that's why the paper highlighted his plight.

Talking about such situations, I know none of us are prepared to deal with things like these. But in a situation when there is no option, we can actually do it. I used to deal with suction for my own son. I had many medical equipments at home as well.

So, in as much as I feel sad for the poor old man, I think, our society is better off if we start having a positive mindset and learn all these skills. Churches, temples and all the charity bodies ought to be prepared to help out instead of relying on the medical sectors. With proper equipment like stethoscopes, blood pressure monitor and etc, and with some training and skills, we can make the community a happier place.

Of sound machines and strobe lights

My son is involved in a youth group who is organising a youth camp during the school holidays. He had been asking around for strobe lights and sound machines. Unfortunately, I am totally out of touch with these.

They have very tight budget and hence, cannot afford the regular deejays. So, right now their committee is still hunting high and low for sounds machines while they probably will make do without the strobe lights.

While I was helping him to Google for local companies, I discovered these sound machines which is actually a device to help you sleep better. Now, this is really something new to me. To me sound machines produce loud noises. But this one will play sounds based on Delta, Alpha, or Theta brainwaves—coaxing your brain to “match” these frequencies and enter healthier states of repose.

Hey, I need one of these sound machines please. I need sleep. zzzZZZZZ

City audio guides

Almost everyone has an iPod or any of such MP3 players. The mobile phones are now equipped with a walkman. So, the best way to reach an audience is to do podcast and recordings so that they can listen while they do something else.

So, this company Variant Guide has come up with an innovative and revolutionary way by using this technology for the tourists. Variant Guide offers tourists convenient travel guide in audio formats. They cover the cities of Moscow and Paris, with Barcelona and more. All these are recorded in MP3 format. To use it, you just merely upload them to any audio device, which supports MP3 format and take them with you wherever you want and whoever you want with.

The nicest part is this guide is both affordable and interesting. Now, you can have factual, historical and useful contemporary information about the cities of Europe with you everywhere. Check out the site for more details!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is my template too emo?

I was getting bored and went surfing for a new template for this blog. So, I stumbled on this and thought of getting a black template. BTW, you can find some really tastefully designed templates from Free Blogger Skins. It is very easy to instal. Just make sure that you have backed up your old template and replace with the new one. See that the template you are going to use said that it is suitable for the new blogger.

Otherwise, you may screw up the site, ok? Back to my template, someone said it is too emo. I am not sure but I do love the fonts when I see it on my pc here. But if I used another pc, it kinda sucks with yellow fonts. Right now, I am see 'gold'. Weird!

Best PC Computer games

I was talking about my spanking new, sparkling and shiny new desktop with big RAM, kickass graphic cards, beautiful 19" Samsung monitor meant for computer games and all that thingamajic in my previous post.

So, now that I have it, it is time to play games! Computer Game Software Review is a site where you can find great reviews and even better games online. I like Puzzles games while my boys love those Action and Arcade games. The dear hubby enjoys some Card, Sports and Casino games. Meanwhile, the younger ones love Simulation, Kids, Adventure and Role Playing.

You can find Game Rental, Hobby Games and Toys and Tools to help you copy and protect your game software. Plus, there are downloadable games which you can try out. So, what are you waiting for? Let's head over and check out what they have to offer. I am going to be so busy playing PC games. I love RPG games too and can get so engrossed. What's your favourite?

My blog looks weird on a 19" Samsung monitor!

We bought a 19" Samsung monitor which is kickass huge and beautiful. I splurge on the new desktop because my Dell is five years old and cannot even play basic computer games. As my kids are rather well behaved, why not give them this thrill? I certainly do not want them to get sucked into the cyber cafes trend and prefer them to have fun at home with the siblings.

However, I got a shock of my life to see my blog and all its photos on the monitor. Oh wow, I have larger than life potrait online. Ewwss...But the food photos are absolutely delicious though.

For a peace of mind, get yourself home security

Fellow bloggers PapaJ and Cedric's houses were burgled. The thieves tried to break in to their houses and they did managed to take away some stuffs.

Both of them blogged about the matter and they include photos. It gives me the chills that a home is so easily broken into. Right now, my apartment is without a home security system.

Currently, my hubby no longer travels and hence, we feel safer with him around the home. Otherwise, we will definitely instal them because if he leaves me with the children, none of us will have a peace of mind.

Nowadays, it is not longer that difficult to ensure our home is secure because there are wireless home security systems. Do take a look at the link provided and I hope you will ensure your home is safe and secure for your loved ones, and valuables too. We can never be too sure because there are so many thieves, robbers and muggers nowadays. I suggest you check out this home security blog for ideas on how to make our home a safer haven.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Radar detector for the cheating spouse

My friend, Alice is a very jealous and suspicious woman. She is married to this rich guy and having too much money makes him a bit 'wild'. So, Alice has been spending too much sleepless nights wondering if he is cheating on her.

She did 'feed' their chauffeur a lot of money but she still doesn't entirely trust the man's words. So, Alice heard about radar detector and is dying to instal it. She talked to me about it but I dare not discourage nor encourage her. I do not like to get involve into matrimonial stuffs. They may point fingers that I am the devil's advocate if they got back together, don't you think so?

So, what is your opinion? Do you think it is alright to use radar detector to track the movement of your spouse?

A genius in lending

If you have try borrowing money and getting loans to finance your car, house and other big purchases, you will know how tough it is. There are lots of terms to meet, papers to complete, documents to proof and most of all, good financial status.

Well, if you have been going around in circles looking for car refinance, then, you may want to check out They said they their proprietary electronic document process to complete your refinance which means the process takes a shorter time, and hence, save you money. You also will be given a breather of starting to pay your first payment in 60 days. That means a month of loan free, isn't it?

So, if you are looking for that perfect refinance job, check the link provided.


Looking for the perfect template

I am beginning to get sick of this red lillies. They are so garish! But it is very scary to change Blogger's template. I do not wish to completely wipe out my blog.

I wonder if anyone can give me a site with free bloggers template? Well, if they charge like $10 or $20 for a template, it is still marvellous. But some sites are charging like $50 for a template. Are they out of their mind?

I was just trying to get some Wordpress template and there is this site charge $715 for unlimited downloads. Heloo...what do you need unlimited template for? Doh! Looks like it is going to be a long nite until I found something for my Blogger and Wordpress blogs. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 Seduce A Celeb

Now, guys, you are going to be sooooo pleased with me. I am going to tell you something that will bowl you over. You have the chance to date a celeb. I kid you not.

I am sure you have heard and seen the hot actress, Mirelly Taylor. She has this Latina hot looks and just bubbles over with sexiness. She has appeared on movies such as Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”.

Now, don't you dream of dating a celeb like her? If you wish to date her, here is how to do it. Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. Go over and check it out. Free videos at shows you some of the contestant of this reality show. It is a place where guys submit their videos to prove and woo Mirelly.

The videos had me rolling on the floor. You should take a look at some of the hilarious and dorky videos. There is this guy, Dizzle Dog who kissed an orange like he is tonguing a woman. Man, some of the stuffs they go to just to date Mirelly. Then again, with a hottie like that, I would grovel too, won't you?

Those darn cartoons and movies

If you are a parent to little kids, then, you can understand my lamentations. With each new movie, comes a huge range of kids beddings that I need to buy. Happy Feet, The Incredibles and now, SpiderMan 3 and soon, Pirates of the Carribean.

Once they have watched the movies and cartoons, they are going to whine and whine for a novelty bedsheet, shirt, toys and etc etc. So, in the end, my kids' bedroom looks like a movie set. Arrggh...those people must make a bunch of money from these. Because I am getting broke with each new movie.

But then again, like every parents, I sure love to splurge on kids bedding because they make the children's bedroom so adorable. There is nothing like watching our little kids snoozing so innocently on those beautiful kids bedding. The feelings of total joy is priceless.

PayPerPost HDTV Tuesdays

PayPerPost has got to be the coolest paid post company around. Not only do the posties earn money while having fun blogging, they now have the chance to win cool gadgets as prizes too.

Last week, I saw an opp with simple words like 'fly to Canada' but upon clicking, I see that the lucky winner gets a PSP3! Oh wow, that's like strikingly the lottery, isn't it?

With PayPerPost, you can make money and win cool prizes. This week on Tuesday (May 15) you can grab a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote. OMG, that's so many prizes to win in a day!

Of course, all these are made possible with the generous sponsorship of Bid4Prizes . Now, I wish to give a loud shoutout to Bid4Prizes. THANK YOU, BID4PRIZES. THANK YOU, PAYPERPOST. Both of you made our Tuesday so much more happening.

With this HDTV Tuesadays, posties have already grabbed Opps with Apple TVs and a PS3, and more cool stuff is on the way including a new HDTV at the end of this month! But *sniff*, they are only limited to posties in the USA. Nevertheless, I feel happy for my posties friends over there for the excitement and for winning.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

For posterity sake

My last comment on this blog:

Fuck you! If you don't dare to leave my earlier comment online, never mind. I will post it on my own blog next week, along with Rachel's comments. So, you better take off my name from your blardy post now. Don't drag my name into this.

I am angry because this stupid woman used my name in her post and yet refused to let my comment get through. Moreover, she deleted my earlier comment.

To sss1979:

I think it is very childish of you to delete your blog and waste those money that are still pending to you. Moreover, you have breached the advertisers' contract that you take their money, you put their links indefinitely. I hope they don't sue you. You don't have the common sense to even think rationally and logically. No one force you to delete your blog. No one expects you to do anything. A simple apology would have sufficed. But since you are silly enough to get all your logic messed up, no one can help you. Remember, the cause is from you. The reason you delete your blog, is your own doing. None of the moms asked you to take this path. So, don't try to make it like it is OUR fault and you are the victim here. A person without the grit and logic shouldn't be on the internet anyway.

Moreover, where is your integrity as a mom? You started a blog for your son, you deleted that just because of a mistake you commit? Where is your dedication to your child?

And to you Rachel = You are another one fucked up person. I am the administrator of a forum, I don't tell my members personally about every complaints from other members. Who the fuck you think I am? A school teacher who goes around telling my little pupils to behave? Fuck no, I just put a simple forum thread and I have never mentioned any name. So if you are so mind-fucked and take it upon yourself, it is no one fault. None of us, especially me, said anything about what you yourself revealed above.

Now, does the two of you notice any similarity between yourselves? Why do you have the problems more than the others? Ask yourselves, is it us or is it you?

And now, the dirty parts from Racheal, the sei pat phor who meddled into this. Here are all your comments :

rachealliang said...

Dear Nicole:

i treat u as friend,when u sad, i am always here to listen to u till late night,

when u cry, u sms me, i call u immediately, and said. dear. dont cry. dont cry..

u know.. because seeing u suffer cried for the whole night.. i just can't sleep!

thinking how they hurt me deeply, badly too??

u know the case right???

at the parenting forum? last time.. i dont know cannot put singer photos there, cannot put my what they call"heavy make up photos", what ages wedding photos, to the parenting forum. (why?? some people like to bad mouthing me??)..

they should have.. SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE said.. hey.. girl.. u did something wrong.. and some moms dont like u to display your photos.

give me unofficially warning first...

but sadly..? they didnt give me a FRIENDLY WARNING.. hahahah.. and terus HANTAM GUAH gao gao! in the parenting forum..

DID MY PHOTOS? considered a "MURDER CASE" so big issue??? in that parenting forum? well.. nevermind.. we can't stop people bad mouthing.. this is why i always teach u.. remember?


yes. i am wrong for so "sam pat poh" sibuk go and put my photos, my idol photos and my what they call my husband BREASTFEED HUSBAND PHOTOS!

SHOISHOI. and the Administrator.. rrrrr..speechless..(waste of my time to talk about them)

that is why. i dont bother to go to this parenting forum! rrrr..

for first.. when i saw MONTESSORIMUM blog.. see her paste your chat with her.. in the blog..

i am real angry.. and real disappointed.. on why?? why?? u tell lies again,, playing on nasty tricks again...???

u know?? how much i protect u?? i am very much support u?? sibuk sibuk go to that lady blog(and ask for peace..) or sibuk leave my so call what they called irritaing comments.. said? i acted like an angel to protect your wrong doing?? how disheartening u know???

u always ask me to vote for sean photos competitions, i voted everytime. never miss. i am sure u know about it. u win the contest.. i get nothing, but i am happy.

u sad, u unhappy, i am always here to talk to u, always here to listen.. till late night..

now.. this big issues.. came out.. everybody "BOOM" u.. did I??

i protect u instead.. till they all HATE ME.

u cried whole night. and u sms me at 6am morning, i wake up. and i sms u back.. asked u dont cry..

i didnt sleep for the whole night..

thinking how to help u settle this trouble.

people hantam u.. i hantam them back.

for what?? friendships.. here i am for u..

but.. until... again.. as i said..

found MONTESSORIMUM blog regarding the chat... wow..

real sad.. real disappointed.. what a lies... again.. u break your promise.. u ..again... dishonest...playing nasty again...sigh...

please.. girl...

delete all your selfish, nasty,

u promised want to be a good girl, u dont want to be a bad minded person,, remember u told me like that?


wish u will be a good girl tomorrow..

yah.. i am real sad.. why.. again.. u want to hurt me like that??...

now is 3am.. i am writing this to u.

what is friends for??...

sigh...(crying.. )

again.. i hope your case close quickly.. hope u dont do PPP what tag this tag again...

focus on your family,

blog for pleasure.. not for money..


take care....

May 11, 2007 12:06 PM
rachealliang said...

oh nicole:

no need to promote as a good blogger.. gahhhh.. i am not a $$$$$$$$$ blogger$$$$$.. i dont allow "any advertisement" in my blog, as i told u, i blog for fun, not for $$$$MONEY$$$$


my blog is only allow ~~my real friends to read my "Locked posts". those are not my friends just cannot read all my locked posts.

also.. Nicole.. i am too.. sorry.. if i offended to u too...I am real sorry....(cry...)

now .. u choose to gain frienships more than Money$$$$..(watch out~!! now.. u know.. who is real friens.. who is......get me kah?>..)

this is a good start...

tomorrow will be a new u...

good night.. (good morning)

dont cry anymore.. okay..

remember.. we can't stop Evil from Bad Mouthing u.. or me..

u see. before i want to scold u, i called u, i let u know too, i will never want to back(bad) talk u.(i prefer face to face talk)

To solve problem...not to create problem. okay

we believe in "buddhism"..

May 11, 2007 12:30 PM

And if you all think I am evil, read what I posted on my forum. For fuck sake it is only a simple reminder to all members to keep their avatar small. You stupid Racheal, no one said anything about anyone except you yourself who go and expose your own self. Fuck the two of you.

And in case the stupid sss1979 go delete completely her blog, I am going to keep the post here as well.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lilian : Thank you for guiding me in PPP and I’m sorry that if I have given you a ‘bad’ name just because of this issue.

I hereby also sincere apologize to all the mothers whom I have taken your idea and stuff in your blog. Please accept my sincere apologize.

Lastly, in-order to prove my sincere apologize to all of you who I have offended, I decided to stop my bloging from now onward.

Also, many thanks to those who have helping me and supporting me all this while.

For those who still want be my friends, my msn and email are still open for you.


Posted by sss at 10:42 AM 4 comments
(there were 10 comments but she deleted till left 4 and now, no one can commented)

Scare yet? You bet. No one messed with me and sleep in peace.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blek! Never trust another person's tastebuds

Some friends told us that the Hokkien Prawn Mee at Hok Wok is fantastic. We thought so too because this particular stall only starts selling at 10pm and they sell right through 4am. So, wowzer, they must be famous.

Then, few nights ago, we went there and found that there is nothing to shout about. Firstly, it was sooooo costly. A meal of three bowls cost almost RM30. The noodle is too much, the soup is too cold and the owner looks bored. So, moral of the story, never trust another person's tastebuds.

Now, I wonder why I bother to keep two food blogs. None of my readers should believe me, right?

A makeover that starts with the nose

It is funny how men, even with their sharp eyes cannot recognise the same woman when she had done a makeover. My poor hubby stood there, at the cosmetic counter trying to figure out who the woman is. I pointed out to him a long hair, Chinese actor who is a Malaysian. She is soon to be wed to the Ferrari big boss. It is very clear that she had done some nose job and she looks so fabulous! So much beautiful until my hubby whom likes her shows, cannot recognise her at all.

That's the wonder of plastic. Plastic surgery, i.e. If I have the dough, or if I am married to a very, rich man, I think I would want to get a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. Did you watch Pretty Woman. Yeah, I would like a nose like Julia Roberts. After I had done it, maybe, I will spend some money at Rodeo Drive and get a completely new wardrobe.

It is well know that rhinoplasty Beverly Hills is one of the world famous. All the celebrities headed there. So is rhinoplasty Los Angeles. These doctors complement each other and make sure that you walk out with bigger boobs, cuter nose and whatever you fancy. For a price.

*this is a SponsoredReviews*

A blowjob that kills

This piece of news has appeared on all the major dailies. Researchers found that :

Oral sex raises your risk of throat cancer scientists have warned.

A new study found the sex act can pass on the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can trigger a specific type of throat cancer in both men and women.

And they claim oral sex is an even bigger killer than smoking or drinking.

So, there it is. The message is loud and clear. Oral sex is risky.

Full story can be found here on Daily Mail.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Drug Rehab

There has been too many lives broken and family relationships damaged due to drug dependency. Even the most loving parents, from the most respectable background and with strong religious foundation found their children involved in drugs.

In fact, it is almost like a daily occurrence. I wonder if it is because of modern life stresses or is it because of the widespread of drugs that are easily available? Or maybe due to both factors.

Stonehawk here give the promise of helping your loved ones to turn over a new leaf. They have experienced in drug rehab management and provide a conducive environment for those needing help. If you or your family or friend encountered this unfortunate situation, check out the link provided.


For whom do we toil?

I could be sleeping.

I could be daydreaming.

I could be reading a thrashy novel.

Or watching TV.

But no, I am sitting here and my butt is flatten.

My back is getting tired.

I need another cup of coffee.

But I have work to finish.

Sometimes, I wonder....if it is worth doing so much. For whom am I doing these? I still cannot find the answer. For my own satisfaction? I suppose so.

Orlando, Orlando, Orlando

There is so much going on in Orlando. Now, I had been reading all over my friends' site about stuffs to do there like visiting the themeparks, beaches and of course, the conference that was supposed to take place there. But unfortunately, I don't think I will be going to Orlando anytime in the future.

However, it is good to learn about all these places and know the attractions available. Who knows...I may have saved enough money one day for an Orlando vacation. can wish and dream, right? It is good to have a little daydream to pass the day.

Life Science

I was looking at this Life Science Product and am intrigue with the scientific stuffs on the site. Well, I must admit that I know very little about matters like these.

But with more reading, I learnt that peptide can be used as part of treatment of some diseases. Well, if you wish to learn more, do check out the site. All the DNA and stuffs do baffle me a bit so I would rather prefer you to read it directly from the site. Hahaha, I do not want to misquote an issue as heavy and complicated as this.

Carey Cabin for the romantic getaways

I was watching this movie the other day and it was sooooo romantic. Actually, I hardly take time to enjoy movies I like but rather, my kids took over the set. So, it is a nice change to just watch a silly, romantic movie that makes one feel fuzzy all over.

This Pigeon Forge cabin rental settings in the woods, with its rustic feel and hideaway is exactly like the one I watched in the movie. Now, I would love to be whisked off to a cabin like that for a weekend away from the routine life. What about you?

Save the best for last

No, this is not a title of a song. It is the ritual of how I eat char koay teow. Always keep one prawn standing there, waiting pensively, knowing its' fate.....

while I wallop the whole plate. Munching on the beansprout, koay teow, cockcles, brothers and sisters prawns... kuchai....

and poor biggest prawn with the most muscle waits....

and waits........

when I am done with all the things on the plate....

NGAM, there goes the biggest, best prawn.

That's the meaning of 'Save the best for last'.

Remember to apply this for life as well...But of course, only for those things that you know will eventually come soon. Don't keep the best perfume till you are 97 and the old man couldn't smell it anymore. Or the silk lingerie...when the old man's pecker had fizzled into a fossil...Or keep the prettiest girl waiting until she turned into a fat broad.

Gah! Work

What's work to me now?

See that all the lefover foods are disposed or else, the cockcroaches will have their Club Med over the night.

See that I have no overdue paid reviews.

See that I have no emails that had not been responded to.

Check that the forums have no spam posts. *haih* Stupid spammers.

See that no one is dying and needed an ear.

See that no one thinks I am purposely evading them.

Blek, I hate these. But I do get paid for some of them so

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Take the first step

Very often, people like to run away from problems. Then, it becomes to big a problem for solving and one get deeper and deeper into trouble. This includes when one realise they have an addiction and need drug rehabilitation.

So, if you have a loved one or you are seeking drug rehab, take the first step without turning back. Move forward to get over this before it is too late. Like this site says, Stop you addiction - Take the first step towards recovery.



I was just watching this documentary over the TV. Well, women have ran out of stuffs to put on their face. Now, they are into plastering the face with pure gold sheets to make them younger. *sigh* What will they think off next? They showed this woman lying down at the beauty salon with gold sheets covering her like one of those mud mask.

Well, if they have so much money, why not invest in gold instead? The price of gold had been going steadily over the decades and one should actually seriously think about gold investment. Monex here can help you to buy and store the gold in the safe place. Now, if war broke out, that means we have a stash of treasure to rely on, isn't it? Why plaster it on the face, huh?

Lovin' the tomboy mode

Sometimes, I go through periods when I hate the sight of make-up, skincare and any frilly clothings. I just want to jump into jeans and t-shirts and go sans make-up and could't care about combing hair too. But the shitty thing is whenever I am into that tomboy mode, I am sure bumped into people that I hate to meet up with.

Yet, the freedom of make-up free face is so light. You can rub your face anywhere, like your kid's shirt for e.g., without worrying if it is going to cause an ugly brown patch. You can kiss and snuggle without worrying about lipstick stains.

But those tomboy moods do not last long. Then, out come the ICI paints and cement trucks.

That pallette of super expensive Bobbi Brown is sitting on the shelf, waiting for my mood to return. Blek.


I ain't afraid of no bug. Nah ah, so I think I am going to love this movie by Lionsgate Films titled Bug Starring Ashley Judd. The more bugs there are, the merrier. Oohh...I can just feel them crawling all over my skin, my hair and trying to go into my orifies. Now, that sounds pretty gooooddd.... Take a look at the little black monster up there. Think you can handle it digging into you? Mating you and giving birth to lots and lots of them?

So, are you excited about the bug movie yet? I am. I will be sure to queue up with all the excited movie goers and watch this suspense thriller first hand.

I have always like Ahsley Judd movie. She has that wise and fearless look on her face. None of those screaming bimboes type, don't you think so? So, I cannot wait to see how she is going to deal with the drones who are coming for the queen.

Now, it will be cool if they releases some cockcroaches on the cinema's floor, put a bunch of non-stinging bees to buzz buzz for special effect. Gee, that will be fun! The girls are going to scream and lift their skirts up. LOL.

Just take a look at Ashley Judd's cool face in the poster. That's me when I have to deal with bugs. But don't give me any maggots or creepy crawlies with no legs. Now, that is a different story.

You can watch the Bug movie trailer from this link. Enjoy and make sure you keep the date free.....Bug, coming to a cinema near you this end of May.


I miss the old days of blogging

When I have only two blogs to read and getting one comment everyday;

When I can practically post any photo without caring if it is 'up to standard';

When I can use the word hate anytime I wish;

When I can said I love someone without worrying about people misunderstanding;

When I can blog hop all I want and still have time left to read more;

Now, I can't even say the word fuck because I am afraid Google Adsense will say my blog is too vulgar;

I cannot say people are fat and ugly because advertisers who are paying me in the previous post may be fat and ugly and ban me;

Shucks, it is still fun blogging. But it is not as fun-ner as the good old days.

Ah well, never mind, money rocks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Getting a second chance with drug rehab

Have you meet individuals whom have charisma, full of confidence and yet, etched on their faces, you know that they had been through a lot? You can see deep in their eyes they know a lot of pain before and yet, they emerged a great person now?

Well, I have a friend like that. Albert (not his real name) was the only son from a rich family. He did had some drugs problems during his younger days and though he never really like to talk about it, I heard from sources that he created a lot of problems for the family. His family hang on to him and inspite of all the things they kept him stuck to his drug rehab program.

Today, Albert is helping out a youth group and you can see how much passion he has in life to coach and guide these troubled youths. All the things that come from Albert are motivational stuffs. It is marvellous that he had emerged a champion after being given a second chance.

*paid review*

An apology without remorse is useless

How often have you seen people make a long, long around the bush talk while trying to make their so-called apologies? And at the end of the sentence, you realised that there isn't a meaning to the apology? Plus that is not the end of it, they even pile on the shits on you and then, try to walk away like they are very noble like that?

Oh well, I did that sometimes too. So, I suppose it is pointless to take apologies. That's why I never bother about apologies. Once you have done wrong, that's that. I don't keep things in my heart but that doesn't mean that I totally forget.

I adore pink phone!

Everyone knows I love pink. I have pink laptop and hope to match it with a pink mobile phone. So, imagine my thrills to hear about this FREE pink RAZR with a new Cingular Wireless account. Well, eventhough I do not qualify as I am not in the region, I am sure other love it too. Hey, go get one for your mom or your sis or your girlfriend or spouse, will you? It comes with FREE 2-Day Delivery via FedEx.

They are also giving a FREE Motorola H3 Bluetooth Headset included ($70 Value!). Now who can resist that free cell phone offer? It will be nuts if you do not take it because the phone is so pretty in pink.

Tell me, how often do you see a pink phone? It takes guts and flair to carry one, you know? So, if you are not buying it for someone, get it for yourself. Read the spec :

Super-tough Shell Is Made From Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Less Than ½ Inch Thick With Feather-Touch Precision Crafted Keypad

Built-in VCAST Music Player With Removable, Expandable Memory

The pink is just a perfect tinge of baby pink and not those garish fuschia pink. So it fits with any age, any lifestyle. Do I need to assure you more? No! Go grab it while the offers last.

They have made it easy for you to place the order. First, you need to enter your zipcode to see if you are qualified. Then, it takes just a couple of steps and you have the pink baby in your palm within days.

*This post is brought to you by Wirefly*

Meme, tags and lists - How does it help blogs?

I am like a meme magnet. If there is any meme going on, whether locally or internationally, people will come to me. Well, it is my own fault that I openly declared I *heart* memes. Well, originally, I do. But that was before memes come with hundreds over links on a page. I am not so keen placing people I do not know links on my site.

But I am too mild manner to tell people off. So, I have been doing it. It does help to raise my rankings currently. But will it affect the future rankings? I don't know. Well, if I die, I won't die a alone, so bring it on!

Why you should own your blog and get your own hosting

I am the owner of multiple blogs and websites hosted on my own and thought it is appropriate to share on this free hosting, why everyone should consider getting their own site.

No doubt things come free for us here, remember that our site is much more precious than just being a freebie. It is our heart and soul that we have put into our blogging and site development. Therefore, never hesitate, go out and buy your own hosting. With my multiple blog, I am ready to get a dedicated hosting and no longer shared hosting. However, I hesitate because I am not sure that I can handle it on my own. Right now, I have a middle man, an IT guy who deals with the hacking, attacks and spamming problems. I know nothing about stuffs like that.

So, you may ask, what is a dedicated web hosting? Well, let's just say that it is like a huge bungalow that we own and free to house anything we want (within the law). Whereas, a shared hosting is one like a rented apartment that we share with others.

I am contemplating getting a dedicated hosting for my multitude of blogs and wish to take up this challenge. I checked the price and it rather attractive. Do hope over to The Hosting News and read up. They have a lot of information and will be good for everyone of us to learn how to manage our own hosting. Remember, having our own hosting means a lot of freedom for us.


How blog readers should learn to read before they write

I am getting very very tired of reading comments left by my blog readers in another blog of mine. At times, I almost feel like skipping them altogether and just keep on blogging. So many will not read what I wrote, never get the point I am saying and just crap their own opinions. Many times, they got me very angry. And I bottled them up until one day when I exploded and fire them openly on my blog. I had done that to a few readers/bloggers and it looks like it is not the end of it. Idiots, hard to get rid of them, hard to live with them. Bah!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Saves with coupon codes

I am a coupon person. Just yesterday, we bought two pizzas for $22. Two huge pizzas that would otherwise caused a lot of money. We got it because of some printed coupons I got from the internet.

So, whenever I shop, I like to find out if there are any coupon codes which can help me save money. I think we should all be a little prudent and use this method to save some money, isn't it? Afterall, why pay full price when we can pay less? That's call smart consumer spending, no?

Over on this site at Coupon Chief, Lane Bryant is giving 20% off for your Mother's Day shopping with their coupon code WW9632. Now, isn't that timely? Mother's Day is this Sunday, btw. My favourite stuffs are health and beauty and skin care stuffs and Skin Store is giving free shipping and 5% discount with Coupon Code: FAV5. Besides that, there are plenty of freebies and discount too. Time to pamper ourselves!


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

I have a free day today and was trawling the net and reading up on SEO, SEM and SERP. I enjoyed reading all the exchanges between some of the major and probloggers and at the same time, see how those with amaturish knowledge starting to act like Chicken Little. They are fearful of almost everything. I wonder how they survive as a person in this big bad world?

These people dare not take chances eventhough many of the more respected experts have told them it is ok to do such and such thing. They will then pluck out some quotes and said the world is ending and etc etc.

I feel like tell them that they should just go and die and forget about living. Living is about taking chances and risks. You will never taste successful if you don't put your head out. Don't you agree?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Bookkeeping help

I have a confession to make. When I was 16, I used to cheat in class. I totally flunked my bookkeeping subject and had to borrow my classmates debit, credit and journal to copy the work. I cannot differentiate between debit and credit, just like I cannot tell left from right.

So, if I do run a business, I definitely need bookkeeping help like Quickbooks. Otherwise, my staffs will not get their payroll. And my accounts will go haywire. If you are in the same boat as me, do read this article on Quickbooks and how they operate.

I hope this will somewhat help. Discount for people who need to purchase Quickbooks is available on their site too.

*this post is brought to you by Quickbooks*

Now they say coffee is good

You know? There are so many contradicting researches and findings, I think we consumers will go mad one day. Previously, they said that coffee is bad for health and asked us to refrain from drinking. So, I used to treat coffee like a treat and being sinful, I really look forward to indulge in it.

But recently studies recommend a moderate amount of coffee daily. Well, that sort of takes away the thrill of drinking something that I deem forbidden. So, it is no longer fun to get those latte, expresso and whatever fancy name they give to the brew.

Still, I cannot go without the coffee so maybe I should just herald the good news?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Menopause - truth and myths

I am terribly annoyed with stupid males who like to use the menopause word against me when they are losing an arguement. How dumb can they be? A woman my age does not get menopause. And menopause has nothing to do with it when they are the lame ones who cannot reason with a woman.

So, I hope this article will be read by at least some men so that they don't go around using the term menopause whenever they aren't getting anywhere. Yeah, menopause memory problems is real but you can't lie to us and blame it to our memory.

And I also want to tell them that women can have sex after menopause so stop bitching about us being sex depraved.

Please read some menopause humor and get your facts right, guys.

*This is a sponsored post*

What? A blogger is not a profession?

Yesterday evening, I got a call from the bank. A week ago, I opened a Fixed Deposit account with my husband as joint name. I filled in the form and use the term 'Blogger' as my profession.

So, this chap called up my mobile and since it is from the bank, I passed it to dear hubby because accountants talk better with banks. And guess what was his problem? He was entering the data into their bank data and when he came acrossed my profession as blogger, he got confused. So, that's why he had to called up and reconfirmed.

And that husband of mine told him it is okay to change it to housewife. Blardy hell. I am still mad with husband, bank and most of all, our silly gahmen for the bad name they gave bloggers. The 20K I had there are from my blogging and it is NOT a job? Say something to pacify me, please.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I am not very sure how this site works until I had furter read and understand. At first, I thought it is a blog. However it is not. It is an encyclopedia that have a list of A-Z of things.

Family category has several facts that I have not heard of. Let's see what they have over there. For example, do you know that the 80s actress Heather Locklear is a cousin of Donald Trump's wife, Marla? Hmmm...I didn't know that. Another actress from my era is the ravishing Brooke Shields. Oh my, I still remember her in Blue Lagoon.

The mystery of body weights

Why is it so hard to lose weight and yet so easy to put on? Why does our body reluctant to shed those pounds and yet so easy to grab those foods we pigged out and pile it on? Why do some women never grow fat and some unlucky souls like me do?

It was just a piece of cake, an extra mouthful of rice, a bite of the delicious meat and maybe a seed or two of durians. And the blardy cushions are plumping up like sponge in water.

Arrggh...don't you just hate it? Do you feel my pain? Huh?

Get a Free iPod!

Will you believe me if I tell you that you can get a free iPod from this site? No? Well, believe it. The company has a strong reputation and has been in the business for a long time. It is owned by Gulfstream Internet who has been in business for 7 years and owns 6 rewards sites. According to them, they have given away more than 3,000 free iPods so far.

Get a Free iPod from Now! All you have to do is to go over and check it out. Don't worry, you are not required to buy anything or submit your credit card number. You also do not need to rope in lots of referrals.

You may ask, what's the catch? Well, go over and find out yourself, ok? Now, who doesn't want a free iPod?


Survival of the blogger

I was looking through my blog links and checking them out. Sadly, many of the blogs that I previously like no longer update. There are so many of them, it will be a chore to find out from each of them why they stopped blogging.

Many of them just neglect the blog and never updates anymore. I suppose the mortality rate of blogs are very low. Bloggers start ablaze with lots of posts in the beginning and eventually fizzled out towards the end.

Only the strongest and toughest survive. I guess I should give myself a pat on the back for surviving three years of blogging.

Bonsai - miniature beauties

My good friend AhPek often blogged about his hobby of keeping bonsai. I found this link which is going to be an excellent resource for him.

I marvel at AhPek's patience in maintaining, pruning and grooming these bonsai plants. It takes a lot of passion and skills. That's why this Bonsai Gardener has written a book and maintained a blog with over 200 pages of useful information.

Since I was a fenghsui enthusiastic, I like this article Feng Shui and Bonsai. Check out why they are a perfect match.

Now, I am going to email this link to AhPek for his reading.

*This post is brought to you by Bonsai Gardener*

Friday, May 04, 2007

So stress can die

I asked my eldest son to buy me movie tickets at 3 pm. By 2.10 pm, one of my son is still not home from school. So, it got me worried because what is my eldest son going to do with four movie tickets? I waited and waited and luckily my son called me from school because he had to stay back for scouts activities. I told him, no way, we are going to watch Spider 3 now.

So, had to rush to school to pick him then, rush to the cinema. I so hate walking into the cinema when the lights are already off and trailers are playing. I get disorientated, what more with three kids in tow, one only four years old.

So, after that de-stressing with Spiderman 3, I had to de-stressed further with a nice crepe and pancake desserts. If I keep on this running around, I think I will turn into a big fat lady.

KAL Energy Uses Indonesian Infrastructure Advantages to Propel Business

I am helping this company to create an awareness of their company's business. Indonesia is our neighbouring country so it is appropriate to help them to create the buzz, right?

Well according to their site, they are exploring and developing the Thermal Coal resources of Kalimantan, Indonesia in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, as guided by the Equator principles.

Now, does being environmentally responsible means that they will not create too much disruption to the eco system? Well, to find out, I suggest your read the below press release in detail and also check out KAL Energy website for more details.

I am certainly interested to know if this won't create any of the unpopular haze that we do dislike. I suppose a responsible company like this will not subject us to this, right?

Read below the Press Release I obtained from their site:

Press Release:

KAL Energy Uses Indonesian Infrastructure Advantages to Propel Business

A 2006 report by AME Mineral Economics states that Indonesia has become the world’s top thermal coal-producing area, taking a distinct lead over former top producers Australia and South Africa. While many in the industry might attribute the change to better mining techniques or higher quality product, the real answer lies within a somewhat surprising realm -- transportation.
“A low cost transportation infrastructure is essential to the economic exporting of coal,” states KAL Energy CEO Cameron Reynolds. “It’s one of the reasons Indonesia has jumped ahead in the market; other areas in the world have simply failed to, or can’t, overcome infrastructure constraints.”
KAL Energy’s mineral claims are located in East Kalimantan, Indonesia -- a region of active coal export since the 1980s. According to Reynolds, several infrastructure elements allow the region to maintain world-leading production rates. Among these are rapid rates of scale production, a minimization of front-loaded capital expenditures and diminished unit costs in comparison to competitors. The close proximity of Kal Energy’s mine properties to both the Mahakam and Kadang Pahu Rivers provide for low cost barge transport of coal.
“While other regions around the world are stuck at a certain level of production, places like Kalimantan, in Indonesia, continue to ramp their production massively,” says Reynolds. “It’s definitely a factor that I think investors are starting to realize.” Kal Energy has recently become a public company, trading under the symbol KALG.
KAL Energy has already secured the rights to an estimated geological resource of 192 million tons of thermal coal. This coal has been identified to have a very low sulphur and ash content which allows it to be utilized for more environmentally friendly electricity generation than many other Asian coals. They have made plans to produce and ship 200,000 tons of its product to end users in the latter half of 2007, with additional plans to scale production to 5 million tons per year within the next four years and 15 million tons per year on a long-term basis, after the successful completion of the exploration program and subsequent world class mining feasibility study. The company expects further long-term demand through Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) technologies.
“When you find an advantage, you exploit it in every way possible; and that’s exactly what we plan to do long into the future,” adds Reynolds.

*This is a post brought to you by KAL*


People have different kind of phobias. I get sick if I am expose to heights. However, the funny thing is, if I am in a little cable car or snugly sitting down, then, I no longer care. But if you ask me to walk along the corridor of a high rise building of say more than 9 storeys, I feel pukey.

However, my most feared thing is being in enclosed, tiny places. That is why I hate any expedition that involves caving or go into tiny elevators. I will get goosebumps and I even have goosebumps thinking about this!

So, what is your phobia?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is it too late for a person to have Lasik?

I almost contemplated Lasik when I was in my 30s but put it off as technology back then was not as positive as now. Now, in my early 40s, I am beginning to have trouble reading. So, it was a balance of getting my contacts fixed for near and far distance. I can tell you that it is not easy and many times, I wish I had done a Lasik opp so that I don't have to deal with both visions problem.

I am also reluctant to wear glasses because with my active toddler, he is most like to damage just another pair of expensive spectacles. Lasik information is now easily available on USAeyes.Org and I wish to explore further the question above.

So, is Lasik for me? Let me tell you when I have finished reading, ok?


A walk on the beach


A walk on the beach is great for getting beautiful feet. Walking barefoot on the sand, with seawater soaking our feet works better than rubbing the foot with pumice and scrubbing it with any foot cream. I love to do it whenever I get a chance. I notice that our nails also get cleaner and shinier.

Of course, you need to give the sand a few kicks in order to work on the upper part of the foot. And while doing that, you can dig and see if you can find any clams. I do that all the time, digging for siput remis with my barefeet.

Try it, it is fun, therapeutic and most of all, you get a pair of nicer feet.
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Arouge skincare for dry and sensitive skin

Having dry, sensitive skin is very uncomfortable. My skin is so used to our humid, tropical climate. When I was in Europe, I applied a lot of creams and yet, the skin cracked and my lips bled. It was sheer agony.

I suppose many of those who live in the temperate countries suffer from this dry and sensitive skin. If you do, then, you must simply check out this. Skincare for sensitive skin by Arouge. It is an all natural product that is widely used by dermatologists in Japan and was recently launched in the United States. Arouge leverages NanoMoisture to deliver healing moisture deeper into the skin so that it protects the skin more, lasts longer and heals the skin from the inside out.

We know how famous Japan is in the skincare industries. So, why not take a closer look at the product? They are giving free shipping for orders on bundles and all orders of $100 or more.


Getting tired

I wrote about Blogging for Self in my personal blog and received many positive comments. Sometimes, I feel awfully guilty to pile on my guilts and let my readers boost the ego. Then again, it is my blog and if I don't abuse it like that, what for I blog, right?

But before I can feel good, someone asked a stupid question in my other blog's comment section and my happiness is shattered again. I wish I can lashed back but there are blogs that I had to put on my best front and remain civil. Haih....don't you just hate comments, sometimes?

MLM Leads

My friend Yolanda is getting a good income doing MLM business. Though I am not so hot about MLM persistent sales people, I like Yolanda because she knows I am not keen on MLM. Yet, we have been best friends for a long time and I do help her to find leads and introduce people to her whenever I can.

Real Time Leads here sounds like something Yolanda is going to love. Let me tell her about it. This is a site owned by Peak Impact Inc. and they have been in business for 3 years. They offer non-incentivized, true MLM leads, real time leads and real time local leads. People can order 24/7 from their site at Now, Yolanda is going to jump with glee over the MLM leads which she can obtain. I bet she is going to be so busy with her MLM business to have time for coffee morning with me.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My workstation

This is the current place where I work from. It used to be my desktop but lately that old machine is getting so slow. It didn't want to die so that I can get a decent desktop again and write from a proper chair and computer desk.

So, I have to resort to my pink Vaio. It is not healthy writing from it because I don't have anymore desk or table to place it. So, what I did is to put in on my bed while I sit on the floor. But it is quite cosy because I can bring it on the bed and place it on my lap when the nights are cold. The stupid laptop is very hot, inspite of the Cooler Master Notepal fan blowing.

I bet not many people has the privilege of earning a three K USD income from their bed, right? So, toast to self.

Get a cosy home with Studio RTA

I sort of missed the time when I was single and renting a tiny studio apartment. There was so much freedom and privacy living alone. On top of that, I have the pleasure of decorating my single girl pad anyway I like.

So, if you are looking for Ready to Assemble furniture for you little nook, check out this site which offers Studio RTA Furniture. There is something romantic about it. You get to pick up the pieces, assemble it and make your little place a real home. And if you like, get a man to help and play Mr. & Mrs. Hahaha, that will be fab.

Go on, make your love nest.

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

This is for all the sports fan. I am sure many of you love to follow the adrenalin charged American Football and go for the best seats. Well, look no further if you are looking for Pittsburgh steelers tickets.

I was told about this site where they can secure your seats for you through booking on the internet. You no longer have to queue up overnight to get the best seat. Just log on to and get your seat confirmed.

They have been in business since 1990 so you can be sure that they know the business well. They also have tickets to NASCAR and other sports event.

Cookware makes the difference

Mother's Day is just next week and my dear hubby is thinking of getting me some awesome, expensive, exclusive cookware.

I give him a killer stare because I do not want cookware for Mother's Day gift. But come to think of it, why not? It will save a lot of time in toiling over the kitchen stove and good cookware really makes the difference in the taste of the foods.

I was looking at this site selling cookware and suddenly feel hungry with all the lovely dishes that can be done with their cookware. Maybe I should tell the hubby to go ahead and indulge.

Who wants to win?

I am not much of a contest person. Neither do I like to buy sweepstakes or lotteries. I have such lousy luck with things like these. So, I rarely participate because of that. I can't stand losing!

However, this site sounds pretty cool. You do not need to write crappy slogans. No lucky draws. This site are giving away free prizes and you do not have to invest anything into it. It is free and they assure no spamming too.

Now, have I gotten your attention yet? Interested? Find out how to win without the need to buy anything. Go to the site now and good luck!

Does this blog need a facelift?

This blog will always have a soft spot in me because it is my very first blog. I still recall how excited I was when I first signed up for a blog to call my own. The excitement of posting my first post. The joy of seeing it online, live on the internet.

That's why I never let it go even after I have my own domain. I had been looking at this red lillies and wonder if it is high time I make another template change? Should I change Karma Kameleon title to something else more reflective of the nature of this blog? Or should it just remains? I cannot decide now because I am very afraid of messing with blogger's template. I do wish someone can make a personalised one for me though. Anyone?

Bid Web Directory that you can control

Are you looking for a place to promote your site? Do you wish to give more exposure to your site? And listen here, the site is a PR7/10 which means it helps you with your pagerank as well.

The best thing is you are in control of where your listing appears. By bidding with a higher amount, you will be seeing your site listing on the front page. So, check out this bid web sites and start your bid.

All our sites, especially those doing business ought to invest a bit to prosper. So, this sounds like a good place to promote, isn't it?

Hope you find the site useful and helpful.

In the clouds


I have had a great short trip away from home yesterday. It was almost like living in the clouds because the temperature was only around 22 deg celcius with mists surrounding me. There was a slight drizzle and yet, the air feel so exhilarating.

I wish they have a resort up there so that I can just sit atop the hill all day, taking in the fresh air. To get there, head over to Langkawi Cable Car. But I bet it won't be so cool on a hot sunny day. I am lucky it was rainy and I got to experience the misty weather.