Sunday, October 24, 2004

Love is spelled -T.I.M.E.

Sunday is sermon day. Today, all the 9yrs (Std 3) old boys and girls and the 16 yrs (Form Four) old youths from my church had their 'coming of age' ceremony (1st Holy Communion and Confirmation). The boys and girls are soooo adorable, especially the girls in their white dress and white flowers head band.

So, the parents, as usual, will get a long sermon from the Bishop about bringing up children. One would think that the Bishop will lecture us with a long list of do's and don'ts. But no such thing. Bishop just ask us parents to give the children two things. TIME. And also telling our children who GOD is. (Actually the sermon/homily is really long but that's what this tiny brain of mine heard.)

TIME - The Bishop reminded us that in our twilight years, we will need our children to be by our side. When we are weak, the only thing we look forward to is our children. How then are we going to make sure that our children will be there for us at that age? He said give them our time when they are young.

GOD - Our children will not be forever in our protection and care. They will go on their own way. So, assure them of God's presence.

Hmm... that sounds simple enough. But can I fulfil that? Let me go ponder...

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Twinsmom said...

a lot of parents told me not to carry the baby TOO much, otherwise they will get "addicted" to it, eventho my mom and my MIL said the same thing to me, and I was really listen to what they said, never carry my babies unless they need feed or change.
later on I slowly found how weird it is--not to carry my own baby? then who else will carry them? and how long I can carry them? 5-6 yrs old max.? later on they will be independent, and one day when I become old, they might be the one who have to carry me.So, now I carry them as much as possible, hahaha...I afraid one day they don't want to carry me, afraid me get "addicted" as well.