Thursday, November 25, 2004

16 years and many more to come

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary. Asked hubby, "Aiyoh..? you no take leave to spend with me ah?"

Hubby : "What for? Every year also got anniversary wan mah."

Well, I could have been very angry, pouting, merajuk, throw cups and plates or I could see it positively. Positively because hubby is going to spend many, many more years anniversary with me. So what if he can't afford to take a day's off from work this year? After all, we should be thankful that at least he has work and needed at work.

Then, I prodded about gifts, "How come no gifts wan?"

Hubby : Got.... that packet of chocolate mah for you wan lor.
Me : Chey... last time, Lindt chocolates, now Cadbury only wor. How can...
Hubby : You don't see meh? The chocolate is Time Out and the number of pieces represented the number of years of our marriage. (yes, there are indeed 16 pieces of Time Out in a pack. But chey... why Time Out hor? Why not Love Bites or something romance like that.)

Oh well, my mom never taught me never to marry an accountnut. They calculate everything to the last sen. But sudah married, we stay married, for now and eternity. Not even death shall keep us apart.

I suppose it is good to remind myself about this. When you are married, you stay married because it is an agreement. When there are kids involved, then one should work even harder to make the marriage intact. 16 years and many more to come.

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mumsgather said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :-))