Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Drug your child to sleep

I had been blogging about bedtime and sleeping for the last two days. And what do you know? The Star feature this today. I am not anti-US of A but I think something is seriously wrong with them. Read the below paragraph I copied from Star Online at
According to her, in the United States, sometimes physicians recommend or parents would use over-the-counter medication to help their older children sleep.

These are the very people who preached about setting bedtime routines, sleeping in own room, etc etc. Now, can we still believe them? Their kids need sleeping pills to sleep? For all my 40 years, I have never seen a sleeping pill. Maybe only half of a sleeping pill when my ob-gynae decided that I need some calming down before my next-day caesarean section. I swear, I only need half a sleeping pill in 40 years because I never have sleep problem because I sleep under my mom's ketiak from birth till the ripe old age of 21 years old (my father died when I was 7 years.

It is another case of neurotic moms bring up neurotic kids.


Twinsmom said...

some parent are truely selfish, because they need their "own time", so jump up and down to "make" the baby sleep, I even heard that gave baby beer to make them sleep, and some more said beer is "cooling" good for health. and to some mom who bf even take some dome so the milk can drunken the baby to sleep (my MIL recommanded this, lucky me not stupid enough to follow).
wander if they all want to have a good night sleep, why border to have baby in the first place? can't they understand after we have kids, we have to play the role as a mother instead of "full time" wife anymore? if they want so much time with hubby or for their own, why don't they drug their kids to sleep forever instead?

sexymom said...

Parents are strange creatures--they want their children to be great businessmen/women, but they don't want their children to be able to think for themselves, they want their children to be great sportsmen/women, but can't stand it when their children are too energetic to sleep. They're just confused people.

Twinsmom said...

sexymom remind me what I had seen during my retail age--the mother brought the DD to buy a cake, tell the girl to choose, is her b'day mah she said. so the girl choose lor, point to one chocolate cake, the mom said chocolate cake too heaty wor, so the girl point to a orange cake, the mother said she got cough can't eat orange, the girl point to butter cake, mom said fattening, grandma and grandpa can't eat. so the girl said she don't know which to choose liao, then the mom scold her:"asked you to choose also don't know, rice barrel" then ended up the mother bought a coffee cake, the kid can eat meh?
really feel like slap on the mother.