Thursday, November 25, 2004

Hellthy snacks

# 3 Son : Mummy, I want something crunchy to eat.
Me : Carrot sticks or celery sticks
Son : Siao wor (crazy ah), you think I rabbit ah?
Me : Children must eat healthy snacks wan, the book says wan........
Son : Got what to eat that is crunchy and crispy? (getting grouchy due to low blood sugar liao)
Me : Dunno lar, you go and check the granary
(Granary is a place to keep food. In our household, we spent about RM200 on each grocery shopping per week and yet, food disappeared fast. Don't say I did not warn you that having many kids means spending lots of money on their food ha.)

Son grumbled that the granary is empty (ala Stronghold the game, the granary is empty m'lord). Told him to go down and buy a loaf of bread. You know, the mamak roti that rode a bike and go 'ting, ting, ting' at the same time everyday, rain or shine? But chey.... forgot to scream that no junk food allowed. So, he came back with two packets of junk food. Cannot scold him liao 'cos he is so considerate, caring and sharing mah. Buying an extra packet for his #2 brother though they can't stand each other.

Hellthy snacks vs. hellthier snacks (hellthy = eat too much can go to hell)

Well, instead of allowing my kids to eat too much hellthy (no typing error, it is really hell-thy) snacks, I decided to fry some for them. At the very least, I know the oil used is not carcinoegic (right spelling ah? can cause cancer that type)
In the photo, you can see the filament sticks (those red batang the sushi people call kanikama/mayo?) deep-fried. Method : tear and shred the filament sticks till fine and deep fry. Walau-eh, very shiok to munch leh. And some onion rings from Tesco brand (taste the best so far) and the keropok ikan from the East Coast of Malaysia (this one in the photo is from Jusco MidValley snack station).

I can hear the tsk, tsk, tsk, so oily, so full of cholestrol, so fattening.... But I would rather die young (say at 75 years?) than to die at 99 years old, regretting on my death bed alone (as I had outlived everyone else) that I had never tasted tau-eu-bak, deep fried chicken, yau-char-kwai, tai-lok meen and char koay teow with extra bak-eu-phok....... all my life but only snacks on celery and carrot sticks.


Twinsmom said...

oh...the crab stick(got crab or not I don't know lar, but that is how my MIL called it), hmm....nice...good idae, this weekend go get some.

sexymom said...

Eh, you know how some ikan bilis get their crunchiness? They have this big kuali with boiling hot oil, throw a hundred or so empty plastic mineral bottles, let it dissolve, and then fry the ikan bilis in it. Then u get super-duper-crunchy-yummy-plastic-laced ikan bilis. It's true! Swear to God.

5xmom said...

OMG, true ah? Those that looks so yummy, shiny and tasty also? Luckily I did not have too much of it or else memang die liao. Anyway, thank you for the recipe hor? Hmmmm must keep my mineral water bottles liao, for cooking!

Twinsmom said...

HAH?!?!?!?!...eyes opening wor...gee...I starting try to remember how much those ikan bilis I ate, have to tell MCAP(my Cina ah-pek), just incase I suddenly kong-out, then he will have a clue to tell doctor :D:D:D...

mumsgather said...

Aiyoyo, those hellthy snacks of yours look heavenly lah. Yummy. I love fried foods. Mouth drooling already. How come every week I go to Jusco Mid Valley never see before those keropok ikan, you so clever to find one?