Friday, November 26, 2004

More monkeys to the monkey household

#2 son is born in the year of the monkey. All four kids of mine live up to the characteristics of this zodiac animal. More so because we live in Penang where the monkeys roam the Botanical Gardens and become the tourists attraction.

As if 4 monkeys are not enough, I got infected with some drliew-ism and ended up buying a set of seamonkey for my #2 son. It costs me a whooping RM89.90. But when it comes to things to please my kids, nothing is too expensive. Especially when they are for the middle kids. Eldest kid and youngest kid already have their share of pamperings. But the two middle kids usually get hands-me-down clothes, books, toys and almost everything. So, whenever they have someting they really fancy, we will try to make it up to them as 'compensation'. (eldest/youngest vs. middle kids syndrome will be another blog one day)

So, today is Day One when we put the eggs of the seamonkey to hatch. I shall see if my son has the discipline to rear these tiny creatures. The clever marketeer of this product has conned yours truly to believe every word they say such as :
• Parents and educators have used Sea-Monkeys as first pets for over 40 years
• A fun and easy introduction to science and biology
• Teaches responsible, nurturing pet-care

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