Thursday, November 04, 2004

Pls & TQ, pissed & f.u. :O)

Warning : The following passages may contain foul languages. Do not attempt to read further if you have only Please and Thank you in your vocab!

My home is just a shout away from my kids' primary school. So, it is like a half-way home for many pre-teens and 12 years old. Occassionaly, I get visitors whom are my eldest son's school-mates from secondary school. They are very well brought up. Hello auntie, thank you auntie. But....when they think that I am out of ear-shot, then the f.u. will popped out of their mouth. Put them together in front of the PS2 and boy....auntie feels like bringing the toilet brush and soap to wash their mouth. But auntie couldn't care less because how other parents brought up their children is their own business. However, if it is one of my own, they can bet on getting two red cheeks with five finger prints on them.

My kids never hang around their friends' houses so I do not know if they speak the same language there. But I have one theory. If I teach my kids all the names of the organs of the human body in every languages, Tamil, Hokkien, English, BM, they will not be so curious and won't treat foul languages as a novelty to show off to their friends. Does that make sense?

Is there a book or chart that you use to teach, auntie?

Nay...they learn every word while in the car, when I am driving.

tsk tsk tsk, auntie, how can like that? You say bad words in front of your children ah?

Why not? It is better than to bottled up the anger and whacked them unnecessary, no? Afterall, those morons on the road deserve it.

So it is the unwritten rule that I, the mother, the great one, can say "eee eh mak le" (curse your mother) but they cannot because they are not mothers. Or if I accidentally kicked and injured my big toe, I can say 'pooh....' (minus the ki) or 'chi.... (minus the bye?).

Well, another theory of mine is if the kids are happy and not having bottled up foul moods, then they wouldn't be using foul languages. If I don't force please and thank you down their reluctant throats just to prove that I am a good mother who brought up good mannered children, then I won't get pissed and f.u. flowing out in retaliation.

So, meantime, they can stick to using 'horseshoe crab sperm' (hou siaw/bluff) as their first bad word. Anything further, they are risking getting a thunderbolt from me. Oh ya, they are also allowed to complete the 'ki' and the 'bye' from my uncompleted words. But hey, I do not kick my toe everyday, ok?


Twinsmom said...

ai yoh yoh...mak cik...:D:D:D...
cannot lar...I can't let my Annabelle keeps say that "Sh*t" leh, otherwise next time she got use to it liao, all the boys cabut liao lor.
last time my dad used to let us say "ta-ma-de"(mandarin), so everytime during dinner or family gathering, all 5 sibling and my dad TMD flying left right centre, my mom just keep shaking her head *Sigh* *Sigh* *Sigh*...hahaha...then later my sister told me how she scared away a boy that she secretly admired with that TMD sudden pop from her mouth...hahaha...

cooknengr said...

Autie ah, you allow Siaw that comes out of Lanchiaw ah ? Not patut leh, Siaw should he higher up in the foul mouth hierarchy.

sungaitani said...

Muahaha... that's quite a hilarious piece. I always thought kids pick up things parents do unconciously. I used to 'shit' at the pc whenever something hangs, until the day one of my girls did the same thing. I've read blogs by younger people with lots of swear words all spelt out fully and I cringe, but they're not my kids, so I can't judge them. Anyway I'd rather be swallowed by the earth if one of my kids got judged by someone else as "bo ka si".....
Well, anyway, you're not doing too bad as a mum.