Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dignified housewife.

It has been years since I took my children to hang out at McD play area, torturing myself, listening to screaming kids, holding breath that other people horrible kids did not knock down my precious brood, pretending not to see when my own kids knocked down others' kids and stuffing myself silly with boring fries and fish burgers. I hate those days. I hate it because I will be sitting amongst other housewives like me. The whole scenario 'pulled' me down. Chey... I am a working mom mah, then I took this honourable act of becoming a SAHM (to the blur-blur, SAHM means stay at home mom, a more glamorous name for housewife, suri-rumah tangga, si lai or homemaker). And over night, I am demoted to this undignified profession called housewife. How can I move with the housewives pack? No standard leh. What housewives know? Talk about how much is the kembung price today or how much is the offer price for 20 rolls of toilet paper at Tesco. But those days, I had no choice because the McD in Green Lane Penang is the half-way home for me as my kids' school is a distance away from home and I have to find a place to go to keep my #3, then 2 years old (now 8 yrs old) occupied while waiting in between.

I had not been in this housewives' circuit for 6 long years. Today, I popped in McD because we were already out (to the hospital) and it makes sense to bring my kids there for a bite since we are in the neighbourhood. I thought that after 6 years hiatus, the housewives standard also raised liao. But still the same. They still hang around, looking blank, screaming at their kids, stuff themselves with fattening fries. Kids still as annoying (ok, other people's kids are always annoying. My own kids? They are just being cute.). The only difference is they have sms now. Cheh... got up-standard also lar. And yes, many have straightened hair and wearing low waisted jeans, showing their loosen up belly and stretch mark.

I will never, ever return to the housewives pack. I am a dignified housewife. I do my housewife circuit online. Yeah, we are the 'ada gaya, ada klass punya'. We gather at forums. In the forums, we get the chance to cucuk on the conscience of the working moms to justify the demotion we had. Oh yeah, housewives gather at markets and McD. Dignified housewives gather at MyMomsBest.

My fellow SAHMS, mumsgather and Double Happiness (their blogs link on the side panel) have these to add:
Dignified housewives maintain blogs and go online shopping while I would say, housewives gossip and go window shopping.


mumsgather said...

Dignified housewife also got own blog! We are the blogging moomies. He he.

5xmom said...

That's right! Housewives gossip about their neighbours, dignified housewives blog about their neighbours.

Twinsmom said...

Housewives go window shopping, dignified housewives go blog shopping.

sexymom said...

Tsk tsk tsk, judging again, 5xmom. Naughty naughty. Throw so many stones, next time the whole group of housewives throw stones at you, you kemek. :) :)

5xmom said...

Kemek also kemek la. People only take offence when something others said is true and poke on their inner feelings lor. Otherwise, they will brush off and say, chey... choi lei thou ngong (only fools will pay attention to you).

oliviasy said...

my mum goes to the gym. happening or not!!!