Sunday, January 23, 2005

Advices from Lilian too for Year of the Cock

In the Chinese calendar, the year is separated by 12 different zodiac animals. 2005 is:
Year of the Cock
Year of the Hen
Year of the Chicken
Year of the Rooster; or
Year of the KFC

Advices for men - Do not dabble in any activities that involve cocks. It will bring bad luck, especially to unfaithful married men with too many 'thau hua' (some flower's name). Cock is best cooked in curry with potatoes. This year, avoid cats and cats' babies as cocks mustn't get near cats' babies.

Henpecked husbands will feel the pecks as this is the year where hens dominate.

Chicken hearted people will enjoy plenty of good luck as this is the only good year in the 12 year-cycle that people notice them.

In the year of the rooster - remember to return home to roost. Visit your grandmothers, granduncles, grandunties and all grandrelatives. Bring 8 mandarin oranges and a packet of kacang menglembu (groundnuts) and wish them Happy Chinese New Year. (chiak thor tau rhyme with chiak lau-lau = wishes for good health and long life) Mandarin oranges signify gold.

Eat more KFC as this will bring good chi.

Advices for married women - Scan your bedroom and home and see that you do not display any toys, statues, drawings, desktop/screensaver, bedsheets, McD freebies, LeCoq Sportif tees, with cock's motive. Cocks are known to be especially cocky (naik miang/fatt hou) in companies of cocks. In the olden days, the master of the house will have a huge painting of a cock hanging on the wall above his bed head. This will ensure that he produces many cockerels to carry on his surname. (nope, 5xdad did not follow this tip) Master cock will fly over to many reban ayam (kai tong/you don't need to know it's meaning in English) to achieve this mission.

This is a community message brought to you by Lilian too.

However, Lilian too does not believe in fengshui anymore. She also does not like anyone else who have similiar sounding names like her anymore. Now, she believes in God and only God. Unlike the similiar sounding name person who believes in money and only money and cause more people to waste their hard-earned money to supply her more money. 5xmom has several fengshui books by Lillian Too to be thrown into the fire. Should 5xmom give them away and misled others? No, 5xmom is going to throw them in the rubbish dump soon. Yes, throw them, throw them, thro....... RM30 x 8 = RM240 into the tong sampah.

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