Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gold is the goal

The prices of gold have increased tremendously over the years and now I regretted that I didn't buy more gold jewelleries several decades ago. Gold is a good investment if we get those that we can dispose off easily. I avoid paying exorbitant prices for jewellery with precious stones.

99.5% gold is the way to go. Gold bars is the best investment. Now that I am older and wiser and less vain, I think I will invest my money in buying gold to store instead of adorning the self. There are companies who can do that for us. Keep the gold bars on our behalf. That way, we do not have to hide it under our bed. LOL, just joking. Gold bar can melt in a fire, so leave it to the professional to keep for you. And yeah, don't wear too many jewellery to attract snatch thieves and robbers.

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