Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ever got into sticky situations where you needed money real soon but the salary isn't due yet? It is either borrowing from friends or if you are lucky, you have a rich uncle tucked somewhere to tide you through.

When I was single, I had gone through those moments. It is not due to my over spending but rather the meagre pay I received. Sometimes, my lousy company was too poor to pay us at the end of the month. However, my landlord was waiting for me at the door, hands out to wait for my room rental. And the old man who drove me to work every morning needs to get paid for his meals.

It is really not a nice feeling to run out of cash and also not very dignified to lend money from friends who are equally poor. So, an organisation like NationalPayDay.com probably will help many people out of short term financial mess.

According to their site, one can get loan online and fast cash advance without credit check. Well, I do not know about the fine prints but if you are in debt then, it may provide some emergency assistance.

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