Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our car was a total loss but thanks to car insurance we are ok

Recently, our car was submerged in flood water that made our car float right up to the kerb. The next day, the tow truck came and towed it to the workshop. That was the last we see of our car because the mechanic declared it a total loss as the engines, gears and interior were all gone case.

However, thanks goodness that the car is not ours but belong to the company my hubby worked in. The car insurance prices can be high to cover natural disasters like these. Normal car insurance policy doesn't cover freak storms, floods and mudslide. One needs to pay extra money to cover it.

Glad that nothing is lost here because the company gets back the sum of the money insured for the car. But have you wonder how much the car insurance prices will cost for those people who drive like The Fast and the furious or Tokyo Drift? Probably, no one ones to insure your car if you are a daredevil like that!

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