Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Increase link popularity

If you are serious about blogging, then find out how to increase link popularity. Otherwise, it is a waste of time putting up good posts when no one reads it. We can get a lot of traffic from strangers surfing for information. They use the search engines to search for something. This traffic is called organic traffic.

The smart techie guys now knows that one of the way to get above the rest of the millions of other bloggers or website owners is to get people to talk about you or link you. Well, unless you are a genius, celebrity, media magnate or something to that effect, it is very unlikely others will link you. So, if you have a business to run, then, you have to invest a bit in getting people to write and talk about you to increase link popularity. Blogitive is one such programme where they connect the advertisers with bloggers to make this happen.

Hope this information is useful in getting your site to hit more traffic.

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