Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A not so tame Mr. Tame

Though I want to sympathise with this person call Mr. Tame, I also can't help it but highlight the dilemma he ended up with. He got injured while at work and that injury on his head caused him to misbehave and become sexually demanding. It caused his marriage to fail because he just have to have sex, all the time, with all sort of people, including a 57 years old woman!

So, his poor company was sued and had to pay British pound three millions as compensation. Don't believe me? Read this news on BBC. I am just curiuos. How do they verify that all those sexual flings he had is not within his control and he cannot be helped medically? I bet many men would like to find out how he got into this situation? Well, at least get your head bang 10% of what Mr. Tame got and who will be a cassanova forever?

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