Saturday, December 23, 2006

What bloggers need to know about search engines

Many people often asked - How to increase traffic? This is more critical if the owners of the websites are running businesses and rely on their website traffic for income. Even bloggers like us need to be informed of what goes on at the search engines sides. Otherwise, we are like tiny fishes and never likely to get trawl by the net.

For a start, one can learn from USWeb on how to get the search engine optimization services to get your site attraced by potential buyers are looking for your products and services. Sometimes, some provide the limited services for free. Sometimes, they charge a fee to get your site indexed by more search engines. All these marketing companies are expert in their field and will give proven results within a certain time.

Meantime, for us bloggers, what we can do is to wait patiently and hope to climb to the top ranking. My personal blog has achieved that somewhat but if I have the money, I would certainly leave the leg works to the experts. It is very time consuming and tiring to do on our own.

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