Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Childhood trauma

When I was young, we had a British dental nurse working permanently in my school clinic. It was the most frightening episodes because some school prefects will come class to class to call our names and dragged us to the dental clinic.

So, that leaves me with a great fear of dentists. I don't like dentists. Period.

However, I ended up on the dental chair all year round due to bad teeth. How I wish I can find a dentist that I adore and look forward to meeting. Then, I will probably have sparkling, white teeth with no cavities.

Charles Brown DDS PC seem to be doing so well being a dentist with perfect record and no complaints from patients. I wonder where he got the magic touch from? He has impressive records which you can find out from the site. Will I ever get a dentist like that? The kind that sooth your fears and make drilling painless and drooless?

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