Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Civil Engineer Jobs

CSI is a team of professional head hunters specialising in the civil engineer jobs. Their impressive resume are made up of years and years of experiences. Well, they said they have 14 recruiters who eat, drink and sleep civil engineering. If that is not dedicated, I don't know what is!

With their vast number of years in this field, they should be the authority in finding the right candidates for the right clients. They will know easily the requirements of both parties and hence, the best resource.

Their method of recruitment is to call up the potential candidates and not just churning through old resumes. Therefore, everything is updated and to the current needs. Civil Engineering is still not a very women-friendly area but there are lots of women in this field now.

If a company is looking for civil engineers, then, the place to go is to find a one-stop solution like this company which provides top notches professionals from their supply of candidates.

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