Monday, March 12, 2007

Christian Dating

Online dating service is the rage now. Many people do not have the time to actually date and get to know the other party. Frankly, it is a chore to keep going out on dates after dates and finding that most of the guys are either boring, married, a liar, boaster, acne-ridden, limp, have no drive to succeed or just plain ugly. LOL!

So, it is ideal to get to know each other through a middle party whereby they helped to eliminate out all the height, weight, looks, nationalities and even religion requirements that you probably have. It is good when the parties searching for a partner have openly state that they only want to know guys or gals of certain faith. It sort of make the whole affair a much cosier group instead of trudging through a whole big sea, searching for that single fish.

In this hurried and chaotic world, many have no time even for faith. Some people do not openly declare their love for Christ. So, it can be confusing when we aren't sure if our future partner will accept our love of Christ.

Christian Dating is a place for Christian Singles to get to know each other. Since I can't give this place a test run as I am happily married, I would like to share it with other women. You can sign up for a free account and search for a Christian guy or gal in a city near you.

Knowing that both of you are Christians have made the search a lot easier. So, both can jump into a friendship, blessed by Christ and God's willing, it may even bear fruits. Go on, say a little prayer and take the leap. God bless!


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