Monday, March 05, 2007

If you suxs at housekeeping, try this channel

One thing that I failed miserably is how to keep the home clean. I am lucky that I was the youngest in the family and never have to do much houseworks as my two much older sisters took care of that part. When I was married, I have a finicky and fussy hubby who has to do the chore while we maintain a part-time housekeeper.

But I have problems too because I cannot totally ignore housekeeping, can I? I have to do it sometimes to maintain peace and harmony in the home, ok? Or else the hubby's face will be black as charcoal. So, if you are as guilty as me, check out this housekeeping channel - The Housekeeping Channel. They make things so rosy and all blue skies, on their template and their articles. Take a look and I know you won't see housekeeping as that dreary as usual.

I am going to bookmark it and keep for future references. You should too!

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