Friday, March 02, 2007

Men and their gadgets

It is only after two decades of marriage that I know when to turn off from hearing and pretending to be interested even when the topic bored me to death. My hubby has this interest of High defination video, plasma tv, bla bla and those audio speakers and etc.

As for me, I want my house to be as quite as possible because it is noisy enough with four children. When I am cooped up with them for the whole day, the last thing I want to hear is music, tv or anything sounds. I want total silence.

But that dear hubby thinks it is relaxing to return home in the evening and enjoy his shows and musics., I will just shut down everything and concentrate on writing, closing out the real world. Otherwise, I can go bonkers.

Even after married for so many years, I still do not understand why men are so finicky about all these gadgets thingie. A cable is a cable to me. But hubby, a HDMI cable of the right brand is as different as a frog croaking or nightingale singing.

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