Thursday, March 01, 2007

Moving to their (kids) own room

Now that my toddler is four, I am seriously thinking of getting him out of my room and into his own room with a brother or two. Space is a luxury in our home and we can only managed to squeeze in loft bed for them to minimise space. The older ones adore this arrangements because they will personalised their own little corner in ther own individual styles. Glow in the dark ink, stickers and aiks, even spray paint!

It may be a chaos to other parents but I enjoy that creativity and the fact that they are satisfied bunking in with each other. Now my only problem is to move the little toddler out so that he can learn to develop his own character, individuality and most of all, give me lots of privacy. Right now, I am tied to the bed because he is still sleeping and I am not to get out of the room or he will create a tantrum. Heh, he has sixth sense and know when I left the room.

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