Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Single moms looking for love

Of late, I notice that many online dating services have made their companies more specialised and target only certain groups of people. I think this is a rather good way because one can just forget about the guessing game and just go straight to the facts of life.

Say you are a single mom and wish to find partners for love, then, joining a Single Moms dating company will tell your prospective partners that, "Hey, there is more than me alone to love. If you are ready to accept my kids as well, let's go ahead." The site also provides online match making for single dads as well. Rather family oriented, if you ask me. You know what you are going to expect and from there, you just get right ahead to know the person. No surprise of a kids or a bunch of them appearing much later when you are already hooked to the person.

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