Sunday, March 25, 2007

Synovate innovate

This site Synovate is a company that helps you to understand your clientèle, customers, site visitors and all the people that matters to you.

They are engaged in the field of market research and will do a study for your company by finding out what people wants. Calling themselves the curious people, they promises to help companies to do marketing research in various fields like healthcare, agriculture, education and etc. So, remember Synovate if you are looking for market research. Check out their site to find out about their knowledge bank and what they do.

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Naresh said...

Synovate also has a specialized unit - Business Consulting. It has teams across Asia Pacific, including India and China. This team facilitates market entry strategy, market size assessment, partner search etc. The findings are based upon getting industry insights from senior level executives in the industry, government and key corporate entities.

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