Friday, March 09, 2007

Tiger or kitten?

Isn't it embarrasing if you wake up one day, you see your spouse frowning :( and this morning all you have to hear from her is that, "honey, you better work on your speed! I can't get no satisfaction!".

Yes, I have to walk in these guys shoes, it is very abashing to hear comments like that because you thought you're a tiger last night but truth is you're just a little kitten! She does not enjoy it at all?! Blame her? Man she can't help much! All she has to do is to make you serve her and now who's to blame?

Don't be silly, we always have medicines that could aid us! It is very common that nowadays men take viagra to transform themselves into a tiger, lion, dinosaur, gorrila or anything WILD to satisfy a girl's need!

Pick the right and safe viagra and maybe you'll hear comment like this in the next morning, like "How did you do that?!" That's when you flash out your bottle of precious (if you know what I mean) and kiss it! Check this site out for further information!

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