Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Women's tees and women's blouses - make you grand aunty, or not

Normally, during Chinese New Year, I will buy a supply of clothings. Of lately, I notice that I tend to stay away from blouses because they appeared 'old' to me. I won't be caught dead in flowery, grand aunties blouses. Nah ah, not even if they lay me in my coffin. LOL.

So, I have this opinion that women should don more women's t-shirts instead of those big, flowery blouses. Moreover, women's t-shirts are so comfy and they hide the flabs too. Hehehe, well, don't wear an over-size one because they make you look huge. Stick to body flattering types and a colour that suits you. Talking about colours, do you know that some colours are suitable and some are not?

Now that spring is here, get something bright and sunny. The link I provided have some great ones.

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