Thursday, April 26, 2007

Compare interest rates easily

Do you have problem finding the sources to locate all the banks interest rates? Do you waste time flipping through pages and pages of the media to find all the rates available?

I recently has an amount of money which came in from some sources and wanted to put them in the bank for safekeeping. That's when I realised how much each bank interests differs. That's when I heard about this :

Online banking interest rate comparisons at will help you find the best high yield online savings account or checking account. Well, indeed it is such a breeze to find all the rates tabulated for your easy reference in one site.

So, if you are not getting a good rate currently, you should explore this. Rates for savings accounts are as high as 6% now but some of us are only still earning below 1%. Don't lose out. Check the rates now.

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