Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now you can flirt on

Yesterday, I blogged about flirting on MSN and other live messenger. Apparently, a lot of people shared with me that they do enjoy flirting on MSN. Of course, there are risks that come with it if you are happily attached or married. However, let's not get to that part.

Today, I found a site that actually serves people who enjoy a good chat with like-minded persons. Frankly, it is rather interesting to test the water and find something you can really connect with. - webcams, chat, personals offers people a place to get to know each other through chats, webcams and check out the personals column.

I had taken a peek and yeap, it is not those slutty, sleazy live webcam of hired girls posing for you. It is for real. So, interested to test? Just hop over to the link provided. Good luck, hope you find someone you have chemistry with. Me? Nay...I wouldn't want my husband to get worried. :P I will just do the research and let you guys go for the ride.

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