Monday, April 16, 2007

Of Italian men and Italian class

Do you know that Italian men are very family oriented? Never mind that they do screw around with Asian hot babes. They will still have their home, wife and kids at heart. I used to know this Italian guy. He is an expat and works in my country.

Being an expat, an Italian and pretty rich (by these girls standard, i.e.) he can get his supplies of hot babes to grovel for him. Yet, when he is back home, he is the most loving husband and father.

I went to Italy once and was at their home and notice that trait. Well, I would say it works out for them so it is perfectly alright to me.

Now, if I am single again, I may want to hitch one rich Italian with a villa. Those villas in Italy are so homely, stately and really classy. Villas in Italy site here have plenty of photos to tell you if it is worth working hard to hitch a man to get you a villa in Italy. LOL. I am joking of course, I love my husband and will not trade him for a villa, ok?

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