Sunday, April 22, 2007

Support for drug rehabilitation

Very often, we can only stand far away, by the sideline and see a person close to us getting suck into the dark tunnel of addiction. They have so much anger, despair, frustrations and many other angsty feelings in them and it is almost hard for us to get near and help them.

I have seen how parents left their children to their self destructive behaviours of one addiction to another until they finally resort to suicide. I wish they can try harder and do more for their children but most often, they are helpless. They may not have heard of drug treatment that is available for them. Maybe if you have someone you know who is facing this difficulty, you will want to share with them this option? I hope none of us have to ever face this situation but as usual, life is never smooth and we do get into bumps like this. So, let's be prepared and know what to do.

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