Monday, April 16, 2007


On Sunday morning, I have a church duty at 7 am to read the Bible. Being the worry wart, I woke up before 6 am to get my vocal chords sound normal. So, I got home after mass around 8 am and took a nap. I zzzzzz right till 11 am and got a shock because I had to go back for choir practice.

It was one crazy Sunday for me overall and by the evening, I am all fizzled out flat. It is not a nice feeling and I am glad that one the other six days are less taxing for. Otherwise I am going to be so beat up. If I have to go to work, fetch the children, attend to houseworks and such, then, I will have no more time for blogging. Lucky me or else I will need Energy Supplement to keep my eyes open and my limbs moving.

That said, if we are going for long trip, my hubby and I do take some energy supplement to keep us awake and lively while on the road.

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