Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Getting a second chance with drug rehab

Have you meet individuals whom have charisma, full of confidence and yet, etched on their faces, you know that they had been through a lot? You can see deep in their eyes they know a lot of pain before and yet, they emerged a great person now?

Well, I have a friend like that. Albert (not his real name) was the only son from a rich family. He did had some drugs problems during his younger days and though he never really like to talk about it, I heard from sources that he created a lot of problems for the family. His family hang on to him and inspite of all the things they kept him stuck to his drug rehab program.

Today, Albert is helping out a youth group and you can see how much passion he has in life to coach and guide these troubled youths. All the things that come from Albert are motivational stuffs. It is marvellous that he had emerged a champion after being given a second chance.

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