Saturday, May 26, 2007

How to become a reseller?

My webhost is a reseller. I am getting my personal blog hosting from him. In fact, I have used is service for two years already. However, I do not know how he operates. I normally leave all the chores to him and as long as my site is up and running, I am fine with it.

However, after a while, I do get curious if I can one day be a reseller like him. So, I did a little googling to find out how reseller program works. Woot! I didn't know that it is so cheap to get a reseller plan! Now, it got me interested. Since I have so many blogs, wouldn't it makes sense for me to be my own boss? And if you are somewhat enteprising, you can make a lot of money from reseller programs as well. To find out how, check this website for their reseller program. So, why not get yourself a few more sites? If you are curious to know what is good niche, you can learn it from their site as well.

So, are you ready to be a reseller? Not sure? Well, they have made it easy for you to resell. Just hop over and take a look.

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