Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I adore pink phone!

Everyone knows I love pink. I have pink laptop and hope to match it with a pink mobile phone. So, imagine my thrills to hear about this FREE pink RAZR with a new Cingular Wireless account. Well, eventhough I do not qualify as I am not in the region, I am sure other love it too. Hey, go get one for your mom or your sis or your girlfriend or spouse, will you? It comes with FREE 2-Day Delivery via FedEx.

They are also giving a FREE Motorola H3 Bluetooth Headset included ($70 Value!). Now who can resist that free cell phone offer? It will be nuts if you do not take it because the phone is so pretty in pink.

Tell me, how often do you see a pink phone? It takes guts and flair to carry one, you know? So, if you are not buying it for someone, get it for yourself. Read the spec :

Super-tough Shell Is Made From Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Less Than ½ Inch Thick With Feather-Touch Precision Crafted Keypad

Built-in VCAST Music Player With Removable, Expandable Memory

The pink is just a perfect tinge of baby pink and not those garish fuschia pink. So it fits with any age, any lifestyle. Do I need to assure you more? No! Go grab it while the offers last.

They have made it easy for you to place the order. First, you need to enter your zipcode to see if you are qualified. Then, it takes just a couple of steps and you have the pink baby in your palm within days.

*This post is brought to you by Wirefly*

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