Saturday, May 12, 2007

A makeover that starts with the nose

It is funny how men, even with their sharp eyes cannot recognise the same woman when she had done a makeover. My poor hubby stood there, at the cosmetic counter trying to figure out who the woman is. I pointed out to him a long hair, Chinese actor who is a Malaysian. She is soon to be wed to the Ferrari big boss. It is very clear that she had done some nose job and she looks so fabulous! So much beautiful until my hubby whom likes her shows, cannot recognise her at all.

That's the wonder of plastic. Plastic surgery, i.e. If I have the dough, or if I am married to a very, rich man, I think I would want to get a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. Did you watch Pretty Woman. Yeah, I would like a nose like Julia Roberts. After I had done it, maybe, I will spend some money at Rodeo Drive and get a completely new wardrobe.

It is well know that rhinoplasty Beverly Hills is one of the world famous. All the celebrities headed there. So is rhinoplasty Los Angeles. These doctors complement each other and make sure that you walk out with bigger boobs, cuter nose and whatever you fancy. For a price.

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