Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Saves with coupon codes

I am a coupon person. Just yesterday, we bought two pizzas for $22. Two huge pizzas that would otherwise caused a lot of money. We got it because of some printed coupons I got from the internet.

So, whenever I shop, I like to find out if there are any coupon codes which can help me save money. I think we should all be a little prudent and use this method to save some money, isn't it? Afterall, why pay full price when we can pay less? That's call smart consumer spending, no?

Over on this site at Coupon Chief, Lane Bryant is giving 20% off for your Mother's Day shopping with their coupon code WW9632. Now, isn't that timely? Mother's Day is this Sunday, btw. My favourite stuffs are health and beauty and skin care stuffs and Skin Store is giving free shipping and 5% discount with Coupon Code: FAV5. Besides that, there are plenty of freebies and discount too. Time to pamper ourselves!


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