Friday, May 04, 2007

So stress can die

I asked my eldest son to buy me movie tickets at 3 pm. By 2.10 pm, one of my son is still not home from school. So, it got me worried because what is my eldest son going to do with four movie tickets? I waited and waited and luckily my son called me from school because he had to stay back for scouts activities. I told him, no way, we are going to watch Spider 3 now.

So, had to rush to school to pick him then, rush to the cinema. I so hate walking into the cinema when the lights are already off and trailers are playing. I get disorientated, what more with three kids in tow, one only four years old.

So, after that de-stressing with Spiderman 3, I had to de-stressed further with a nice crepe and pancake desserts. If I keep on this running around, I think I will turn into a big fat lady.

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