Sunday, May 06, 2007

What? A blogger is not a profession?

Yesterday evening, I got a call from the bank. A week ago, I opened a Fixed Deposit account with my husband as joint name. I filled in the form and use the term 'Blogger' as my profession.

So, this chap called up my mobile and since it is from the bank, I passed it to dear hubby because accountants talk better with banks. And guess what was his problem? He was entering the data into their bank data and when he came acrossed my profession as blogger, he got confused. So, that's why he had to called up and reconfirmed.

And that husband of mine told him it is okay to change it to housewife. Blardy hell. I am still mad with husband, bank and most of all, our silly gahmen for the bad name they gave bloggers. The 20K I had there are from my blogging and it is NOT a job? Say something to pacify me, please.

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