Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why you should own your blog and get your own hosting

I am the owner of multiple blogs and websites hosted on my own and thought it is appropriate to share on this free hosting, why everyone should consider getting their own site.

No doubt things come free for us here, remember that our site is much more precious than just being a freebie. It is our heart and soul that we have put into our blogging and site development. Therefore, never hesitate, go out and buy your own hosting. With my multiple blog, I am ready to get a dedicated hosting and no longer shared hosting. However, I hesitate because I am not sure that I can handle it on my own. Right now, I have a middle man, an IT guy who deals with the hacking, attacks and spamming problems. I know nothing about stuffs like that.

So, you may ask, what is a dedicated web hosting? Well, let's just say that it is like a huge bungalow that we own and free to house anything we want (within the law). Whereas, a shared hosting is one like a rented apartment that we share with others.

I am contemplating getting a dedicated hosting for my multitude of blogs and wish to take up this challenge. I checked the price and it rather attractive. Do hope over to The Hosting News and read up. They have a lot of information and will be good for everyone of us to learn how to manage our own hosting. Remember, having our own hosting means a lot of freedom for us.


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