Saturday, June 09, 2007

Be a wiser blog commentor

Being the three years old blogger that I am, I have learnt many lessons:

1) Never assume you know the blogger even if you do;

2) Never assume you can comment like some other commentor because they may have special preferences and can get away with their quips;

3) Never go to a blog with your own mindset and blast it on the blog owner;

4) Never try to change a blogger. This is viewed as pure stupidity. If you hate the blog, leave it. You cannot change a blogger with whatever little comments you left there.

5) Don't bother to try to polish shoes with your comments. Seasoned bloggers can sense it.

6) Be on the look out. If your comments have been ignored constantly, get the message loud and clear. There are 85.3 million blog. Why bother with only one?

7) Never try to be smarter than the blogger. If they make a mistake, leave it to others to point out. No one will thank you for being smart ass.

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