Saturday, June 16, 2007

Buy your car?

You know what headaches we encounter when we need to look for a used car. For one, I hate going to those gaudy, bright and tacky used cars showroom. I get puzzled with all the shiny, polished cars because they normally don't really look as good as they seem.

So, this option of internet advertising sounds like a good thing. Instead of travelling from showroom to showroom, now you can easily nail down what you want through the internet. This is because they have gathered the dealers to list their available cars online to make searching much easier for the potential customers.

Used Cars site like this, which is a UK based company has come up with an innovative way of organising things. Each Dealer that advertises their stock through BuyYourCar gets,
Standard listings or
Individual Listings . So it is not just photo and price but a whole lot more of details. Just take a look at the links given.

What benefits these dealers are easy of searching by the public. Let’s say for instance that a customer has found a car that they like but it is 100 miles away, through the unique service that BuyYourCar offers they can easily see what other cars the dealers have, what other cars maybe of interest, they can even search via price range i.e. look at all cars from £3000 - £4000.

Therefore, in short, it is like a giant used cars showroom on the cyberworld and customers will love the convenience while dealers benefit by the huge markets.

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