Sunday, June 10, 2007

Buzz for medical and insurance card scanner

This may interests my friend who opens a skin clinic. Actually, she is doing very well with her skin clinic. Graduated as a dermatologist certainly provides her a very good career as almost every patients who see her are for beauty reasons. There are also lots of children with eczema problems.

I would like to share with her this medical and insurance card scanner. According to the technical explanations, The Medicscan
+ ScanShell 800N package can easily scan the image of medical insurance cards.
The images of the scanned insurance cards can be:
- Stored as a file on your PC or LAN server
- Exported to a 3rd party applications
- Published via FTP
- Sent by E-mail

As the scanning and image processing are fully automatic, it will saves a lot of her nurses and receptionists time. This will also avoid human mistakes. The scan process starts immediately upon the insertion of a card into the medical card scanner and the image processing takes place simultaneously in the background.

Do pass the words around to your other friends!

*this post is brought to you by Medicscan.

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