Thursday, June 14, 2007

The car that makes the man

When I was in my early twenties, we have this thing amongst us girls. We secretly compared the cars our dates drive and the one with the bigger and more flashy ones normally walked off with a lot more air. It is inevitable that we had these sort of mentality because ultimately, the kind of car a man drives, shows his status.

The bolder ones would intentionally stopped at the office lobby and had some french kisses just to irk the rest of the sour grapes bunch. Now, much older, I think those are pretty biatch and childish behaviours. Yet, at 20 years old, you didn't care much.

So, if you ask me, with the current trend, a man driving a cool, rugged almighty light truck like this sports utility vehicle says a lot about the man. I bet you will prefer one who drives a huge machine like this than a small sedan car, right?

Try as we may, we admittedly goes for the outer appearances, sometimes.

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