Sunday, June 10, 2007

Corpus Christi

Today our church celebrates Corpus Christi which is the Body and Blood of Christ. I am glad that I chosed to celebrate this morning mass at a smallish church instead of my Cathedral. The reason is sometimes, I seem to get more enlightment from new and different priest.

Father Wong today reminded us about the Sacrement of the Holy Communion and how we should ask Jesus to heal the part of our body which is hurting when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ. I think the one part that I often get hurt most is the way people had been smearing the Lord's name in defending their faith. I often pray for patience and the wisdom to be able to refrain from falling into a fit of anger and making the whole thing blown out of proportion.

Therefore, I pray that the Lord will heal my pride which have often been dented when they call my Lord's name. May they receive the guidance from God to allow them to be less confrontational.

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