Friday, June 01, 2007

Holidays that I had been

I can only look back gladly that I had been lucky enough to travel to so many places. I had been to France, Italy, Australia, Hongkong, parts of South-East Asia and of course all the tourist destinations in my own country.

Travelling is not something that I am fond of because of the long hours in the plane. If given a choice, I'd rather go to a nearby location and enjoy a holiday than to fly to faraway places just because it is someplace I haven't been to. I dislike the thought of being cramped into a small plane for hours and hours.

Yet, if we don't endure those journeys, we cannot find a different climate, difference coloured people, different foods and everything else are different. I like to go to places where people don't look the same as me. I find it thrilling to see a land that has a different terrain than my own country.

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With the convenience of the internet, now we can find out the hotel we want based on our budget, requirements and location. The computer system will narrow down the choices and we just pick and choose. They even have photos of the lovely places and we can make our choice based on what we see.

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