Saturday, June 23, 2007

Media sofa

Initially, when I heard of this term, I wasn't sure what exactly it is as I am not familiar with the name. I guess it is one of those talk show sofas where the celebrities lounge around while chatting.

And I am right about it. Media Sofa featured on this site is so ultra cosy and comfy. It is made of leather which is possibly the best material for sofas as leather has the luxurious texture while keeping us cool in hot weather and comfy on cold days. The media sofa comes in seperate pieces and hence, one can customize it. For small penthouse, it will be great to double up as a sleeping recliner for guests.

The site has other pieces of furnitures to offer like bedroom furniture which range from the Victorian influence to the modern, stylish sets. If you work from home, you will probably like the Home Office Furniture and Sectionals which are flexible pieces which you can mix and match.

I have always enjoyed browsing through furnitures and wish I can afford a new house every few years so that I can decorate it from ceiling to floor.

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ApOgEE said...

wow... nice blog! and nice writings too :D