Saturday, June 09, 2007

Negative in, negative out

I freaking hate adults who gives kids negative inputs and allow them the fear of losing. I was at this Chinese restaurant the the lady wanted to give a high chair to my four years old. However, my four years old always refused the high chair because he wants to feel adult.

And the lady threatened with :

1) If you don't sit higher, you are not able to get your foods and your brothers will eat them all;

2) Only one chair, if you don't take it, I am going to give it to the little girl over there;

3) If you don't sit higher, your foods cannot go down your stomach properly.

Well, she spoke in Mandarin, a language my kid doesn't understand. I kept shoo-ing her away and she ranted on and on to pressure my kid to accept the offer.

Duh, I let her ranted on because I know my kid doesn't know wtf she is talking. LOL.

Some adults...they are pure stupid. No wonder we still have so many stupid kids and adults because of all these negative inputs.

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