Wednesday, June 20, 2007

People cannot resist gossip

I have always like Julia Roberts. Now, I have more reason to like her because she gives birth to babies naturally. Not like those rich celebs who go to third world countries and pick up one just like how others pick up puppies from the RSPCA.

If you enjoy a bit of gossips, do check out this site with hollywood gossip. It is where I read about Julia Roberts and her third son.

And if you are ready for some goss, check out what they said about Britney's nipples. LOL, it was said that her nipples were so wrinkly, it looks like men's balls. Oh puhleez, it can't be that bad, wokay?

Anyway, go on, get your lazy butt over to the link given. It is fun reading about those rich, spoilt celebs.

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Bee said...

Thanks for sharing. I also like Julia Roberts, but she doesn't act as much now.