Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sick and tired of spam

Have you ever clicked on those spam sites left by the spammers? Well, I sometimes do because I am really curious what they are actually promoting. Some will leave their site description for all to see while some are being rather mysterious.

For example, do you often see the word Phentermine but do not know what it is? Until now, I still do not know why people loves to spam so much. Why do they keep selling certain drugs? Aren't some of these are meant to cure some illness and help people? Why do the spammer love to use these terms?

I wish I can understand so that I can nuke spam once and for all. BTW, did you read in the papers that the police has caught up with a spammer and they hope it will cut down on spams? Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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CRIZ LAI said...

Yup...I hate spammers. Sometimes they even spammed me with all those drugs that I have never even heard of. All these spams really messed up my mailbox. At times while I was clearing them up, I even accidentally deleted my important emails.