Sunday, June 10, 2007

WTF CPU overloaded again!?!?!?!

I woke up early today and found that all my sites were down and they are still down because my webhost has suspended my account due to CPU Overloaded. I had been googling a bit and read that the culprit is the cron job and also coupled with cheap hosting that shut down the system.

After some further reading, I learnt from several support tickets sent to WP Support that a few people had experienced the same thing and one of the suspected plugin is the Bad Behaviour spam filter.

Last night I also noticed that MyWomenBlog had been giving me 500 error on and off and two of my posts went missing. On top of that, I noticed that the auto-save also produced different posts and kept it on the dashboard. I.e. If I take a while to write a post, I will end up with three posts being stored in the Draft on my Wordpress dashboard. Shit, I am so sick of these.


Kamigoroshi said...

The bad behavior problem can be fixed if you run a repair table on it. But I've noticed it only seems to happen on cheap hosts. I used to have it all the time on my old host before I moved to a better host and the problem seems to have disappeared.

Also check any stat plugins you have install, they are notorious for using a lot of processing power. Another reason would be that you have been hacked into and their is a spam script running from your server itself. That has happened once before as well and it took me a while to find the problem. said...

Tks, Kami.

Bryan is moving host and I think the fault lies in the host too. They shut down the third time already.