Monday, July 02, 2007

Continental cars

Continental cars or European cars have this special appeal. They are normally sleek, elegant and glamourous. It is not something that takes you from point A to point but rather a work of art. I suppose you can say this is the European flair for artsy stuffs.

So, if you are a fan of Alfa Romeo then, you will probably like to hear about this site which has a lot of Alfa Romeo wallpapers. It will give those car fanatics something to play with on their PCs. Normally guys love two types of posters and wallpapers. One is the hot, sexy babes decorating car shows. The other is the hot, sexy cars. Hahaha, really, that's what they always like

So, you can do your boyfriends, male colleagues, guy friends and all the males a favour by telling them about the wallspapers and screensavers of these sleek, European cars. The site is provided by this Used Cars company and hence, one can find out a list of approved UK cars and dealers. If you are looking for used car, what you need to do is to select your options and they will filter out the list and provide you with some suggestions.

They also have the interactive 3D street maps which will help you to locate the dealers. It is rather cute, just like SIM city where you can find where you want to go through a 3D map.

So, help yourself to all the wallpapers and screensaves of the cool, sleek European cars of your dream. They are all available for free download.

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